Execucare – Using science to keep you young

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Using science to keep you young

In keeping with the healthy living aspect of anti-ageing SAI and Execucare are partnering to offer medical assessments to be used in conjunction with the dietetics division. This means your medical health will not only be examined by the Execucare team of specialists but your nutrition and anti-ageing will be addressed by Helena the dietician.


The full assessment takes approximately three hours and is run by appointment only. Execucare only uses state of the art equipment for precise results, and these same results will be analysed for nutritional guidelines for anti-ageing. What more could you ask for R2850?

What will be tested?

Before the SAI dietician takes a look your results will be examined by the Execucare team of specialists. We will test:

  • Top to toe physical exam
  • Resting and active heart rates(ECG’s)
  • Cholesterol
  • Lung function
  • Urine
  • Fat and weight distribution
  • Any medical insurance specific tests
  • And many more…

If you would like to benefit from a professional medical assessment and learn how your nutritional can slow the ageing process then book an appointment now with Helena at SAI on 011 883 3166

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