Do’s & Don’ts following a Laser Hair Removal

| June 5, 2019

The decision to undergo Laser Hair Removal is a commitment that pays dividends!

Laser technology is not all created equal. Before you decide, find the correct Aesthetic Clinic and understand the hair removal technology they offer. The professionals that assist you should be knowledgeable experts who can answer your questions, explain what you can expect in detail and forecast the number of treatments for best results.

SAI prizes expert diagnosis, client safety and established treatments for true anti-ageing & beauty results. Only appropriate and effective aesthetic treatments are offered at the Sandton Aesthetic Clinic.

What to look for in Laser Technology

OPL also known as Optimized Pulsed Light is considered to be the gold standard for hair removal.  Since lasers’ introduction in the 1990’s, the technology has advanced considerably. OPL is the next step above IPL Intense Pulsed Light.

It allows for treatment regardless of skin type, hair colour or hair thickness. State of the art OPL equipment is utilized to remove hair on the face, chest, underarms, back, legs &/ bikini line.

OPL is appreciated by medical professionals and clients alike as its two-fold approach removes hair with minimal treatment time. Its priority is minimizing and eliminating pain whilst maximising convenience and satisfaction with results. SAI offers OPL laser technology in the Sandton clinic.

Know Before you Go

How does OPL work?

Optimized Pulsed Light precisely targets and incapacitates the internal structures that grow new hairs. This is accomplished by using a controlled dual-band spectrum light. Employing OPL Laser technology ensures comfort throughout the treatment time. A variety of interchangeable hand-pieces allow for flexibility and multiple areas to be treated within a single session.

Pre- OPL treatment Tips

  • Do meet in-person for a consultation with the professionals.
  • Do declare any and all medications that you are taking.
  • Do ensure that treatment area is clean and product free. i.e. no make-up, no lotion, no deodorant.
  • Do shave within 24 hours of scheduled hair removal treatment. Follow care provider instructions.

Pre- OPL treatment Don’ts

  • Do not engage in tanning of any kind.
  • Do not pluck, wax, or bleach hair for six weeks prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • Do not use skin products containing harsh ingredients. Not sure? Ask your provider. Simply click here to Contact SAI.

Post-  OPL Treatment Tips

Post-treatment Do’s

Post-treatment Don’ts

  • Do not forgo follow-up maintenance or treatment appointments.
  • Do not use deodorants and perfumes for the first 48 hours after treatment.
  • Do not take ultra-hot showers or baths in the 24 hours following treatment.
  • Do not use tanning beds post-treatment for the duration of treatment package.

Why Laser, Why now?

Laser Hair Removal [link to Specials] has never been more in demand. By implementing the correct technology it is quick, largely painless, and highly effective. Winter is an excellent season to receive treatment. The cooler weather means more layers and less harsh sun exposure. Best results are seen in 4-8 treatment sessions. SAI is committed to achieving ideal results for clients and making your Aesthetic experience a great one. Booking your consultation now means that you could be sleek and free of unwanted hair be the time spring appears.

Need more motivation? Check out SAI’s June 2019 Special on Laser Hair Removal !

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