Does laser hair removal work on “bum fluff”?

| July 14, 2014

Hair Removal questions answered…

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Let it never be said that the team at SAI don’t answer the more difficult questions posed to us by patients, and it got us thinking… perhaps there are more people wondering about these questions or conundrums. So here you go, Questions on Bum Fluff – just in case you were interested.

A bigger problem than you think?

Bum Fluff is more common than most people realise and of course traditional means of hair removal on your derrière can leave rashes, unwanted stubble and ingrown hairs. Can you imagine the pain of a Brazilian was only to realise you will soon need to return to do it all again?
So you are left with a conundrum, how do you get rid of this embarrassing body hair permanently without pain, side-effects and stubble?

Laser hair removal for bum fluff

To answer the question: Yes, laser hair removal techniques do work on bum fluff.
Now, “bum fluff” removal is quick, discreet and easy thanks to our safe and efficient laser hair removal treatments at SAI!

  • Bum hair removal is mercifully fast.
  • It only takes about 5 minutes to treat each cheek, or about 10 minutes to treat both.

How many “bum fluff” laser hair removal treatments will I need?

The time it takes to get the most permanent results on bum area can vary. You will, however, need at least a few sessions. You might also need a maintenance appointment or two a year to maintain your results.

After a few sessions the follicle becomes inert and can no longer support hair growth. For the same reason, undergoing the process will make your ingrown hairs disappear. If you suffer from unwanted body hair of any kind, please know that laser hair removal at SAI will work. Simply make an appointment and our trained therapists will walk you though the process. 011 883 3116

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