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Adding another string to the preventative medicine bow

Dr Clark and his SAI team are always looking for ways to keep you looking young, fit and healthy. Now they are making strides to MAKE you Young, Fit and Healthy.

Preventative Aesthetic Medicine is all about treating visible signs of ageing at the earliest possible opportunity, and then using follow up procedures to keep your skin as healthy and blemish free as possible for as long as possible.

But now Dr Clark has turned his attention to eliminating one of the most influential causes of visible ageing – Lifestyle.

Two elements to visible ageing

Yes, genetics will play a role in ageing and the team at SAI are fully equipped to treat and rejuvenate ageing from every aspect of inherited ageing but they now have access to a qualified dietician and medical supplements to allow them halt ageing from environmental factors like poor lifestyle and eating.

Helena is a fully qualified dietician and was chosen to work with the team at SAI because of her links and liking of aesthetic medicine and more appropriately preventative aesthetic medicine.

Helena will be joining the team from July and will be working to begin with on Saturdays.

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