Detox your skin after the holidays

| January 4, 2021

The festive season is a time for celebration and last year was kind of a big deal! How did you treat yourself? What was your treat? Nothing but good books? Bubbling champagne, creative cocktails, food splurges, summer sun, late nights, travel or a little bit of everything? While a bit of indulgence can be good for the heart, it can be bad for the skin.

What steals the skin’s glow?

Summer holidays are often include the following elements that can diminish its cellular functioning and as a result negatively affect the appearance of the skin.

  • Sun Exposure – dehydration, hyper-pigmentation, oxidative damage
  • Sugary food & too much salt – dehydration, glycation AGE’s, degradation of collagen and elastin, oxidative damage
  • Excess Alcohol – dehydration, impedes sleep cycles interrupting vital cleansing processes
  • Stress – higher levels of stress hormones impact skin’s appearance, sleep disruptions, oxidative damage

Restoring Health

Skin is the body’s largest organ and has an inherent resilience.

Through assisting the skin in ridding itself of toxins, aiding its ability to eliminate free radicals, and cultivating optimal hydration; one can facilitate a detox of beauty-impairing factors.

SAI Professionals are available to formulate an individualized healthy detox protocol that will assist as you regain or achieve skin confidence. If you would like a direct route without delay, simply click here to go to our Contact Details Page.

The following treatments were designed to stop accelerated &/ premature ageing. One of the most effective mechanisms of action to achieve rejuvenation – is giving choice nourishment and support to the dermis.

3 Effective Methods that Support Skin Detoxing

  1. In-Clinic – Detox your Skin
  • IV Treatment: Satiate thirsty skin and restore an optimal hydration level with in-clinic non-invasive IV Skin Brightening. This treatment is a superb & cost-effective detox treatment combining H2O and antioxidants; both of which are foundation fundamentals for healthy skin! Increased moisture levels allow for better transportation of both impurity-removal and nutrition-delivery. A specially formulated Vitamin Cocktail will deliver nutritional building blocks and powerful antioxidants. Fully hydrated skin regains its plumpness and vitality. Equipping the body and skin with nutrients improves cellular function and assists with achieving anti-ageing ambitions. This treatment is safe and pain-free. It requires no downtime and is a relaxing experience in SAI’s hygienic and comfortable clinic. IV Treatment can be paired easily with other targeted treatments.


  • Chemical Peel: These individualized treatments are a firm detoxing favourite. Capable of removing impurities, excess sebum, and expired skin cells – these treatments can provide excellent results with speed. While superficial surface level peels require no down time, medium and stronger peels may require some. Shifting new skin cells to the surface thereby restoring the skin’s appearance; they increase cellular turnover and restore an even, well-toned, clear complexion.

*Visit SAI Specials page for timely savings on IV Treatments!

  1. Homecare

New Year New Homecare Regimen. Appropriate and well-chosen post-holiday homecare can provide a range of functions. Everyday staples include a professionally formulated high SPF protective product and daily cleanser. The correct cleanser will cleanse without stripping skin of its protective barrier function.

If you haven’t changed your cleanser since winter or if your skin is showing signs of the season; reconsider the product(s) you are using. For an article dedicated to seasonally appropriate skincare, please click here.

SAI recommends:

  • A high-quality cleanser suitable to your skin type.
  • An antioxidant-rich product to neutralize and eliminate free radicals causing skin damage.
  • A Restorative Night cream, potentially containing the active ingredient Retinol. Please be sure that your product choice uses the grade and molecular weight correct for deep effective penetration.

For more on decerning the quality of skincare actives and mechanisms of action in Moisturisers, please click here.


Nurturing choices go beyond choosing treatments.

True health, beauty, and well-being can be cultivated in everyday choices. Facilitate your skin’s natural detoxing ability with:

  • Increased intake of water
  • Introducing antioxidant-rich foods into your diet
  • Incorporating wellbeing practices such as exercise, adequate sleep, regulated intake of alcohol etc.

*Consider introducing supplements such as Opalesce, Collagen, or oral sun block. These work from within to strengthen and support beautiful skin.

Skin Satisfaction at SAI

SAI Professionals are passionate in regenerating, reviving, and bringing beautiful skin to the surface.

This ideal trio of in-clinic treatment, correct homecare, and conscientious lifestyle work together to stop oxidative stress, eradicate excess free radicals, restore cellular hydration, and ensure cells have what they require to renew and create beautiful skin.

Regardless of what state your skin is now; make an appointment with your SAI Aesthetician for treatment and product suggestions that accommodate where your skin is currently.

Click here for SAI’s Contact Page  or give us a call on 011 886 6113 / 060 718 2178

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