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| Oct 28, 2020

Dermapen treatment is revered by both Clients and Dermatological Aestheticians the world over. Its capacity to effectively treat a range of common skins concerns continues to grow its devotees.

Dermapen treatment was good to start with, but now with further research and technological advances, its treatment protocols have become refined.

Notable Transformations

Since the Dermapen’s inception, the technology it employs has proven itself again and again. This is not to say that it has stayed to the same. First generation Dermapen models were limited in penetration depth, speed controls, and complimentary functionality. The latest Dermapen accessories feature advanced modifications and beautiful design. They allow for a range of targeted treatment customizations, expanded settings for precision action, and yet remain as unassuming and approachable as ever.

What you See: Outside Appearance

The Dermapen is a sleek handheld medical device. Remote battery charging allows it to remain cordless. Its smooth surface is designed for simple sterilization. Cartridges are single-use only to ensure cross contamination is not even a possibility.

What’s Inside

The latest Dermapen device is a testament to the research investment it has benefited from. It showcases a ground-breaking 16 needle single-use cartridge. Within, it features digital and Bluetooth technologies, dual power function, and a built-in ACM™ anti-contamination mechanism. Equipped with the most advanced AOVN technology it regulates and calibrates the penetration depth, speed, and pressure throughout an entire treatment. Settings have expanded to include ‘ST’ scar treatments.

Technology Overview: How Dermapen Works

Dermapen induces natural results because it relies on the body’s own capabilities to heal itself. Through finely controlled micro-injuries to the dermis the Healing Cascade is initiated & focused to the treatment area. Dermapen works by activating powerful innate healing within skin to create new, better, blemish-free skin. This is the basis for the numerous benefits offered by Dermapen technology. Let’s look closer at the mechanism of action in each of the following:

  • Anti-Ageing

Dermapen treatment reverses signs of ageing as it activates powerful platelets inside our blood to rush to the treatment site. The platelets employ their unique ability to change into the tissues required, thus, serving as a foundation for new tissue. That is not all they do though. They usher energy, important cell signallers and key growth factors with them and begin rebuilding damaged dermal structures. Newly created – these components are naturally better. Vital elements such as Collagen and Elastin are stimulated. A fresh stimulated skin that has all the elements required to function well – is the standout signature of Dermapen treatments success.

  • Scarring

Scars are the result of trauma. Their appearance is due to partial or improper healing within dermal layers that includes excess fibrous tissue. Dermapen is an excellent tool for diminishing and removing old or more recent scars. It is suitable for post-acne scars including ‘ice-pick’ scars as well as atrophic scars such as surgical scars, burn scars, and stretch marks. Treatment is aimed specifically at damaged tissue within the scarred area. Improved settings in the latest Dermapen models allow for strategically pinpointing exactly where the damaged scar tissue lies. As the micro-needles break-through and reach existing scar tissue they invite new healthy healing to take place via the stages of the Healing Cascade while previously tough scar tissue is reabsorbed naturally.

*Note: Dermapen has been found more effective for stretch-marks than the option of laser.

  • Hyper-Pigmentation
    Irregular areas of uneven pigmentation can break the flow of tone. Dermapen disrupts the irregular collections of melanin cells and eliminates them. New dermal tissue is then birthed to create seamless continuity on the skin’s surface. The Dermapen is a superb treatment for individuals who experience Melasma or who are predisposed to hyper-pigmentation realities. Unlike other avenues of treatment, the Dermapen addresses unregulated melanin cells without the introduction of heat. This allows the treatment to be safe without a heightened risk of further unwanted hyper-pigmentation following, as a reaction to treatment. Be sure to ask your SAI Skin Professional about post-inflammatory pigmentation.

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