Dermapen – Face vs Body; Applications that will surprise you

| July 22, 2020

Dermapen embodies a premier cosmetic gold standard.

Globally renown for pioneering aesthetic medical technology, Dermapen’ applications continue to grow. Dedicated research and development of their depth-controlled micro-needling techniques have now resulted in refined treatment protocols to target specific aesthetic concerns. Source:

An understanding of how Dermapen creates results – is excellent groundwork for exploring the new range of approved indications treated at SAI.

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Science of Dermapen

Dermapen is essentially collagen induction therapy.

Through the creation of controlled micro-injuries on the skin’s surface, the body’s natural Healing Cascade becomes activated. This results in boosted cellular turnover and pumped-up Elastin and Collagen production.

The micro-channels created also serve as ideal conduits to deliver active ingredient nourishment deep within dermal layers, substantially enhancing absorption rates.

What makes Dermapen unique?

Controlled Needle Depth: The needle puncture depth on a Dermapen is precisely chosen in relation to treatment area and indications targeted. Depth ranges from 0.5mm to 3.5mm.

Perpendicular Action: Dermapen is unique in that its needles always enter skin from a vertical angle. This perpendicular penetration eliminates unnecessary dermal tearing caused by other products which enter and leave skin at various angles.

Custom Needle Settings: Dermapen features 12 micro-gauge needles which can be individually programmed to reach different depths for maximum control.

Sterility: Brand new sterile needles are used with every single Dermapen treatment.

Safety: Dermapen is safe for use on every skin type.

Traditional Facial Applications of Dermapen

  • Enlarged Pores: Shrink pores and improve skin texture with the resurfacing qualities inherent in professional micro-needling.
  • Fine Lines & Deeper Wrinkles: Remove blemishes and rebuild compromised skin (that is showing signs of ageing) with improved function of the intracellular matrix.
  • Hyper-Pigmentation & Melasma: Treat and address areas of unwanted or uneven pigmentation by targeting the accumulation of melanin cells.
  • Acne Treatment: Disrupt breakouts and discourage future breakouts with delivery of acne-inhibiting ingredients deep into dermal layers.

Extended Scope: Body Applications of Dermapen

  • Cellulite: Firm up dimpled skin with assistance to underlying collagen structures courtesy of Dermapen.
  • Stretch Marks: Get rid of the appearance of uneven ‘stretched’ skin by activating the Healing Cascade to reconstruct smooth skin from within.
  • Alopecia (hair loss): Slow hair loss and promote new growth with microneedling treatment which triggers improved cell function.
  • Scarring (atrophic, hypertrophic, burn, & acne): Address the appearance and problematic characteristics of scar tissue with targeted needling.
  • Dermatoses (i.e. skin conditions such as Rosacea & Actinic Keratosis): Improve texture and eliminate dermal problems with medical application of needling. (Speak to Dr Alastair Clark about specific conditions) Source:
  • Tattoo Removal: Clear unwanted ink designs off of the skin utilizing Dermapen – with Infuse and Tattoff attachments.

Extra Bonus = Skin Rejuvenation

Target any condition or concern with Dermapen and experience Skin Rejuvenation as the added benefit. Tightened, smoothed, glowing skin are classical Aesthetic hallmarks!

Simple & Safe

Unlike other treatments, Dermapen can be used on all skin types safely. Dermapen treatment takes place in under an hour. It is painless and requires no lengthy downtime or recovery. Some swelling and redness may be visible for the 24 – 48 hours immediately after. Dr Clark always recommends staying out of the sun directly following treatment.

Dermapen is sufficient as a stand-alone treatment but it is also a superb Combination Treatment that accompanies and enhances other anti-ageing beauty treatments.


Dermapen application requires skill and expertise. Dr Clark and his team of professionals at SAI are well-experienced at Dermapen treatments.

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