Dermal Filler Finesse

| December 3, 2019

Dermal Fillers are an ideal treatment when time is of the essence. Experienced hands employing Dermal Fillers with finesse are capable of achieving excellent yet natural results quickly.

Tis is the season to look your best

Dermal Fillers provide immediate anti-ageing results and require an absolute minimum of downtime. Personalized Dermal Filler treatment is a great way to maintain your beauty routine without sacrificing calender days to downtime or recovery.

3 Stand-out Injectables

  1. Skin Boosters:

Treat your skin to deep hydration this summer. Optimally moisturised skin is radiant and smooth. Increased hydration has an overall anti-ageing result as it banishes dull skin and softens fine lines and wrinkles immediately for improved skin texture. Well moisturised skin helps mitigate the risk of developing premature signs of ageing due to excess sun exposure. Skin Boosters thus have the added bonus of working to prevent future visible ageing, definitely something worth getting excited about! Results can be seen after only one treatment so schedule today to look your best tomorrow!

*Protecting skin from the UV rays is serious business. Find quality SPF products in the SAI Online Store  that suit your skin type and can be used daily without causing breakouts.

**Planning to soak in the sun this summer? Consider Mesotherapy as a preventative treatment against premature signs of ageing  i.e. extended guilt-free time in the sunshine.

  1. Viscous HA Dermal Fillers:

Texture matters both on the dermis and with the dermal filler formulation used inside it. There are different types of dermal fillers, each designed for specific purposes. Eliminating fine lines and wrinkles reduces the appearance of age radically while still allowing for a natural aesthetic. Refresh for the Holidays! Start with a single treatment and discover beauty highlighted by science. Book additional treatments in the new year if you enjoy what you see… Book today for a discount on Dermal Filler treatments.

  1. Lip Lines & Contours:

Benefit from HA Dermal Fillers ability to contour the face and lips. Age steals volume and shifts tissues; subtle supplementation restores volume, adds youthful symmetry, and decreases visible age. An experienced Medical Aesthetic Doctor can precisely spot-treat specific fillers to shape the nose, cheek, and smooth the brow. Well-placed dermal filler will alleviate lines by gently plumping strategically to stop the sagging and redefine the surface density.

Looking for something simple but with the ability to make an impact? Renewing your lip shape is easy. Results are immediate and rewarding as full and curvy lips become an instant facial focal point. Augmenting lips with finesse means avoiding the bloat or the pout and making the whole experience a positive one.

First Stop for Holiday Aesthetics

Sandton Aesthetic Institute is the home of Dr Clark and his team of Skin Professionals. Allow them to share their knowledge with you through a consultation or by booking an appointment. To make budgets stretch further, SAI is offering a 10% discount on Dermal Fillers through the month of December (an extension of our November Special due to high-demand!)

Maintain & Maximize Results

Maximize the results of your Aesthetic Treatments by supplementing them correctly at home. The best professional homecare (with active ingredients) will highlight your great results via a bolstered Skin Health. Be sure to include adequate SPF suncare in your regime to keep results secure.

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