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| November 1, 2023

Combining Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels

This month receive a FREE IV Skin Brightening treatment (value of R1530) with purchase of the Copper Package. Click here to view the SAI November 2023 Specials.

Distinct Individual Treatments

Chemical peels and microdermabrasion are strong as standalone treatments. Long-term staples in the modern aesthetic arsenal; they offer proven benefits and are performed millions of times daily around the globe. They each work to improve skin texture and excel at eliminating particular visible ageing concerns.

Chemical Peels

Individually formulated chemical peels are a trusted type of chemical exfoliation. While they come in varying potencies the Copper Package relies on gentle peels also called superficial peels. These peels use actives such as glycolic and citric acid to clear away congestion, keratin and dead skin cells. Powerful enough to be effective, yet still gentle enough to not require downtime these peels affect only the very top layer of skin. Chemical peels are firm favourites for addressing these skin woes: discolouration and hyperpigmentation, fine facial lines, acne scars, rough skin, and sun damage.


This time-tested method of manual exfoliation utilizes a mixture of steam, suction, and micro-crystals to eliminate dead skin cells from the uppermost layer of skin. This process promotes cellular regeneration and increases dermal blood flow. It speeds up the process of cellular turnover while stimulating collagen production. It is an excellent way to reduce pore size, diminish blemishes, revive dull skin, and create a beautifully smooth complexion. SAI Aestheticians perform microdermabrasion with a hand-held device.

Working Together

The inclusion of both chemical and physical exfoliation techniques combines to create a powerful synergy.

Microdermabrasion removes the dead skin cells, as well as congestion. The chemical peels contain citric acid and glycolic acid which help brighten and even out the skin tone as well as remove dead skin cells.

Both treatments are gentle enough to be done two weeks apart as they are removing dead skin cells & superficial layers of the skin only.

If we were to combine other treatments to this (Fractional Laser or Dermapen) the timing between each treatment will still be two weeks apart.


1) Microdermabrasion

Two week break

2) Chemical Peel

Two week break

3) Fractional Laser

The Brightening IV drip, which is complimentary with the SAI November 2023 Special, can be done on the same day as your skin treatment for an enhanced Summer Glow.

Strategically Spaced

The Copper Package pivots on a six month long skin strategy. It consists of six of each treatment discussed; six chemical peels and six microdermabrasion treatments. Treatments alternate and are each strategically spaced two weeks apart. The two week timing is a key part of the approach. It allows for the skin to recoup between sessions while simultaneously stimulating the physiological processes at work within the dermis to improved performance. The relatively short two-week time frame is possible because both treatments are dealing foremost with the outermost dermal layer.

The Copper Package’s inclusion of a full six sessions allows our Clients to receive the full potential for skin renewal offered within each therapy.

Packaged Strategy

Strategic combinations of two or more medical aesthetic treatments can be an excellent choice for maximizing results. Skin Health combination packages make sense from a medical approach and a financial approach. Dr Clark offers multiple combination packages, and our professionals can help you determine which will give you the best results.

This month, you can save with our Copper Package plus enjoy the added benefit of a complimentary IV Skin Brightening treatment valued at R1530. Click here to view the SAI November 2023 Specials.

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