December Holiday Homecare

| December 2, 2021

Holidays are glorious; however they can easily wreak havoc on skin. What elements contribute to creating skin woes? Here’s what to consider alongside the corresponding homecare to correct or prevent imbalance.

Holiday skin busters

Hustle & bustle,

long days & late nights,

a touch of overindulgence,

travel stress,

along with a departure from regular schedule.

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3 Popular December Destinations & their appropriate skincare protocols


Beach holidays along the huge and beautiful coastline of South Africa can be lovely. As is a hop, skip and jump over to Mauritius or even Thailand. When on any coast, the skin is put under pressure. Factors at play include: excess sun exposure, humidity, along with food and drink treats.

Here are the top skincare protocol must-do’s that won’t interfere with your casual laid-back beach vibe.

UV Protection: Dr Clark can’t emphasize this enough! Nothing does damage like a burn from the sun! Skin-type-suitable, oil free, quality UVA/UVB protection are absolute musts. Apply as directed and cover up skin with sun protective clothing when practical. Shop UV protection.

Post-Sun Love: Lots of rays can translate into dry, flaky, red, and swollen skin. Fight back against post UV inflammation and irritation with soothing, super hydrating products that restore and rebalance moisture levels. Shop hydrating products.

Nourishing Support: Sugar, alcohol, and stress contribute to the creation of free radicals. Antioxidant-rich homecare products are powerful allies. They fight to stop free radical damage on a cellular level. Invest in products that are antioxidant-rich to  balance any holiday indulgences. Shop for antioxidant products.

Ski or Safari Holidays

Many South Africans visit the ski slopes of Europe or further abroad during the summer months. Locally, we head out to the bush for the special moments that can only happen on a Safari. It might be impossible to forget the sun while camping but it can be hard to remember it in cold weather climes. It is important to remember that UV exposure is high on winter days up north and also in high elevation environments. Cold weather also comes with special skin risks.

Double up on Moisturiser! Correct hydration levels will form a natural barrier against wind and weather. Air-conditioned or heated rooms pose a similar threat; which the right moisturiser will neutralize! Shop hydrating products.

Guard! Stay out longer and enjoy the epic views that you are blessed with; but do take extra care to guard the delicate facial dermis from high altitude &/ excess sun. Not all skin protectants are created equal. Choose superior products that suit your skin type and defend while not clogging pores or causing dermal reactions. Shop UV protection.

Reset Nightly! Beauty sleep is real and its good work is enhanced by applying a first-rate Night Cream before lights out. Skiing or Safari results in long days, sweat, dirt, and dust, toasty fires that dehydrate skin, along with other sappers. Night Creams can help rebuild and reset while you sleep. Shop Night Creams.

City Exploring

Whether you adventure in brand new territory or find something new-to-you closer to home; exploring urban landscapes is a great way to add excitement to any holiday time. The delight of discovery is the same no matter how far one has travelled to find it!

Peel Away City Grime! When you come back from out and about; employ an Exfoliator. This will ensure that your glowing complexion is not unnecessarily dulled. While some products serve the sole purpose of exfoliating; certain cleansers will also play an exfoliating role. Gentle exfoliation will remove debris, oil and city pollution while stimulating the ever-important cellular turnover. Shop Cleansers & Exfolitators.

Nourish! The inclusion of an appropriate serum allows for targeted nourishment! Pick an option that will focus in on your personal skin needs with consideration for the seasonal elements of where your holiday is. For instance; more moisturiser in Cape Town’s ultra-dry summer or extra skin barrier protection in cold blustery London winter. Shop Serums.

Stay Fresh! Search out the hidden gems and enjoy all that vibrant city life has to offer. From coffee and croissants, bookstores, art galleries, boutiques, fine dining to craft cocktails, and more. Save your skin from the impact of extra treats; select a perfectly paired combination of daily cleanser for clean fresh complexion and a combo moisturiser with sun protection to protect and nurture skin all day long. Shop Online Skincare.

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