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| August 17, 2016

The Best of both worlds

Love to tan? You are not alone. Like millions of others you know the risks and are intent on mitigating them and the possibility of overexposure to the sun rays, in your desire for a honey colour tan sun-kissed look.

Experts recommend that the absolute safest tans come in a bottle but if you want to tan the old fashioned way and soak up the sunshine; there are several things you can do to limit your chance of developing skin cancer and still have the tan you want.

Don’t overexpose yourself in search of a tan! Limit sun exposure to under an hour and be mindful about what time of the day you lay out. UV rays are at their highest between 10am and 3pm.

Do give your skin time to heal and alternate days on which you sun yourself. Melanin can take up to two days to be replenished by the body. This means that trying to tan everyday can put you at risk of skin damage and subsequently keep you from the tan you want. If you do stay out too long read about minimizing damage in “How to Treat a Sunburn”. Note that products used in aftercare for a sun burn can be used without affect on your tan and will benefit your skin.

Do wear shades and a capable sunhat! Eyes can be harmed internally by UV rays and this can lead to eye diseases that you definitely want to avoid. Face and Eye skin is extra fragile and susceptible to damage, so protect it well!

Do wear sunscreen! While it may seem counter intuitive, experts say it can help you tan safer! The American Cancer Society points out that a suitable SPF is one that specifically targets UVB rays which are notorious for causing the worst burns. Remember to apply before exposure and that the higher the SPF the longer you can safely soak up the rays.


Crystal Tomato and Your Tan:

Whether you tan indoors or outdoors you achieve the same affect.  Ultra violet rays activate melancoyte cells in your skin which tell your body to produce more Melanin. Melanin is an absolutely vital part of achieving your tan. Without it, there won’t be chance of achieving a darker skin tone then you had previously.

This means that Crystal Tomato Daily Supplement may not be the best choice for you as it works directly against this, by inhibiting Melanin production. It will thus interfere with the aim of your tanning efforts. That being said post tan Crystal Tomato will become extremely handy to even your complexion that is often left blotchy by traditional sun tanning efforts.


Crystal Tomato Clarity Cream on the other hand is the Perfect Solution:

This topical crème can be applied directly to sunspots, trouble areas, or scarring to help prevent further increased pigmentation from occurring. While it does provide some UV protection its major attraction is that it can reduce areas of darker skin tone which you find unattractive and it can do this without affecting your overall body tan. If you do notice an uneven skin tone during the tan process you should start the Clarity Cream treatment immediately and apply it directly to the area to minimize the blotched complexion.

It does this with no harmful side effects and has been studied and shown to be a non-toxic alternative to bleaching creams. It can be used indefinitely with confidence that it is completely safe.

If you love your tan but dislike sunspots or freckles, use Crystal Tomato Clarity Cream.

Safe to use anywhere that extra pigmentation is causing you concern. Tan safely to your heart’s content knowing you have a solution in Crystal Tomato’s Clarity Cream for any sunspots of the future.

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