Crystal Tomato Clarity Cream

| September 1, 2014

Coming soon… a topical melasma homecare product

claritycream200This topical cream will be a new treasure for many people suffering from ongoing Melasma and Pigmentation of a melanic origin. Clarity Cream is the new benchmark for topical Melasma treatments.

The new “Gold Standard”

The most exciting element of this cream is that clinical data indicates that Clarity Cream achieves results on patients with melasma even when 95% of gold standard topical treatments have failed. This means you finally have a treatment that you can trust to achieve your desired results.

Additional Clinical data will be released soon, and within weeks, the Crystal Tomato Clarity Cream will be available alongside Crystal Tomato oral supplements for pigmentation at SAI. Can you imagine your skin using both products in combination? We can and it is wonderful.

We will keep you updated right here on our blog.

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