Crystal Clear Skin Clarity Cream

| September 16, 2014

ccWe have already shared the news on Facebook and Twitter but we are so very excited about the launch of the new Crystal Clear Skin Clarity Cream!

If you have been following SAI for a while you may have read all about Crystal Tomato, the skin lightening, one pill a day treatment made from colourless carotenoids. It has been a huge success this year at SAI and is proving to be effective, safe and cost effective when considering all pigmentation issues.

If you have never heard of Crystal Tomato before, make sure to read this valuable information on this product.

However, this article is dedicated to the launch of the Crystal Clear Skin Clarity Cream from Crystal tomato. It is a topical cream that effectively treats melasma and pigmentation of melanic origin.

Crystal Clear improves all skin types, and even the most stubborn skin conditions, by up to 50% percent.

By applying Crystal Clear continuously, patients successfully achieve an eradication of the existing spots but can also prevent the formation of new melanin spots.

You want to enjoy amazing results sooner? It has been clinically proven: Applying Crystal Clear Skin Clarity Cream in addition to taking the Crystal Tomato pill daily will bring about quicker, better and longer improvements. The combination of these two ground-breaking treatments gives you optimal protection and enhancement, for a more even and healthy looking skin. At SAI, we have been loving hearing both the men and women, with different skin conditions and desires, rave about the incredible results they have noticed in as little as 2 weeks. They mention that they are more confident, happier individuals who feel great in their own, yet brand new skin.

The Crystal Tomato brand, is the most effective route for flawless, radiant complexion.

Contact SAI now on 011 883 3116 to purchase your Crystal Tomato products and begin your skin transformation journey. Visit our website to read more about the skin lightening revolution


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