Freeze your Fat OFF with Coolsculpting!

| Mar 5, 2015


Complete body shaping at SAI

As part of the re-launched SAI many new treatment options have become available to existing Sandton patients and vice versa for Waterkloof patients. Body contouring is available at SAI Sandton using VelaShape 3 but the bigger, bolder and more dynamic SAI brand includes medically assisted weight loss and Coolsculpting via the SAI Waterkloof offices. In this “What’s New” we focus on Coolsculpting, the most advanced Cryolipolysis technology available today.


coolmanCoolsculpting by Zeltiq is a proven and FDA approved treatment for stubborn fat. In fact it is the only FDA approved, non-surgical treatment for the permanent removal of fat. Did you know there is non-surgical treatment available to eradicate fat deposits that are both exercise and diet resistant? Coolsculpting by Zeltiq is the only FDA approved, non-surgical treatment for the permanent removal of fat. Over 1 million treatments have already been performed globally, making Coolsculpting one of the most studied and successful treatments within the aesthetics industry.

Coolsculpt operates using the slogan “Freeze your fat off!” and this is exactly what the treatment entails. The medical term is Cryolipolysis, and results are achieved by accurately targeting fat deposits with a combination of vacuum and freezing temperatures.

Fat facts

Fat freezes at a higher temperature than normal tissue. This means that we can freeze and kill fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue. Of course this does require extremely accurate temperature measuring equipment and also tested mechanics to maintain accuracy, treatment after treatment. These are just some of the stringent tests that Coolsculpting has had to pass to achieve FDA clearance.

Other FDA tests include results based clinical data. Multiple studies of both patient and physician judged results have proven that on average one third of fat within the treatment area is destroyed. The destroyed fat cells simply leave the body via the lymphatic system, and both patients and doctors report “extremely satisfied” results post treatment.

Treatment areas

The most common treatment areas include:

  • Midriff
  • Stomach including ‘love handles’
  • Inner Thigh
  • Outer Thigh
  • Inner Arms

Who wouldn’t want to freeze fat from those trouble areas to look great on the beach this Easter break? This is an ideal “Lunchtime” procedure and you can return to work immediately after the procedure. Easy as that! No swelling, no bruising, no downtime and apart from the cooling sensation, can be considered relatively painless.


Results will begin to appear immediately but final results will only be visible after about three months. How about balancing your metabolism, losing weight naturally, de-bulking with Coolsculpt and then firming up with VelaShape 3. Now that is a treatment combination! Stop imagining and join SAI today to achieve your perfect body.


From glowing skin to gorgeous curves, call SAI today on 011 883 3116 (Sandton) or 012 460 7047 (Waterkloof) to find out more about the latest treatment options and how to book your next treatment.

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