COMPLICATIONS REQUIRE CORRECTION: Beware of false claims, cheap products and unsubstantiated treatment options

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Dr Clark has a constant stream of corrective aesthetic patients who are attempting to correct botched procedures from the use of poor product, technique or just plain false claims.

With the trend to move away from invasive procedures in the treatment of the ageing face and body it is no surprise that the unscrupulous have entered the arena. The popularity of Botox and Restylane has opened the flood gates to a large array of procedures – most of which are well documented success stories, but some of which prove to be nothing but false claims.

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IPL for Breast Enlargement – having a laser department featured in the Business Day Health News section the team at SAI can claim they know a thing or two about lasers. IPL for Breast Enlargement is something we have never heard of.

Dr Clark is not saying the possibility does not exist but there is no supportive evidence proving the procedure to work. In medicine everything is based upon clinical data and currently there is none – as a patient we always warn you to be wary of treatments that sound to good to be true.

Substandard Products

The world of Dermal Fillers is extremely competitive and some substandard products have entered the South African market. Once again, clinical data is key to offering the safest solution possible. By injecting these poor products you open yourself up to complication risk that will cost significant time and money to correct.

As a patient price is obviously a concern but some products enter the market at cheap prices to overcome flaws or lack of safety testing. Dermal Fillers are medical devices and are required to adhere to medical standards in manufacture, sterility and safety standards. Please be aware that not all products adhere to the strict standards expected of them.

Proven results

As a rule of thumb FDA approval (Food and Drug Administration) suggest that a product meets the high industry standards. To achieve FDA approval status products and procedures require five year clinical evidence to prove safety, the manufacturing plants are inspected and adhere to sterility and laboratory specifications and most importantly that the claims that are made are true can be replicated.


  • Please always research your doctor’s qualifications
  • Research the product he/she is using
  • Ensure they open the product in front of you (should sterility be an issue)
  • If you are unsure or it sounds too good to be true – ask for supporting evidence, if this cannot be given to you then err on the side of caution

Extra cost

It does cost more to fix a botched aesthetic procedure than it is to correctly do it the first time. Dr Clark sees more and more patients coming to see him spending extra money because they tried to save a quick buck by going elsewhere to the untrained doctor using substandard products.

Dr Clark is an international representative for Restylane and the South African Restylane Trainer. You can rest assured that his practice is built on sound medical respect for his patients and only the best will do. For any concerns you may have please make an appointment to see Dr Clark and he will give you his best advice.

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