Common winter skin conditions & how to treat them

| Jun 5, 2019

Wintertime is often particularly unpleasant for individuals that experience problematic winter skin ailments.

Women who live in the dry highveld are particularly susceptible to these dermal irritations that range from merely annoying to very uncomfortable, terribly embarrassing and possibly even debilitating.

What are the commonly experienced Skin Conditions of the winter months?

  1. Winter acne
  2. Pigmentation
  3. Rosacea
  4. Dry skin, itchy skin, & rough skin

What Causes these Conditions?

Understanding the link between winter weather realities and unwanted wintertime skin conditions simplifies what can be done to soothe skin and resolve these skin issues.

Winter Acne

Acne sufferers frequently find that their acne flares up during the winter. The reason this happens is two-fold. The skin produces more sebum as a reaction to the dry air. While sebum oil is an integral element of keeping skin moist, too much of it leads to blocked pores and acne breakouts. Cold dry air also promotes an increase of inflammation by negatively affecting the skin’s barrier. Inflammation is a fundamental contributor to creating acne breakouts.


Eczema is an after-effect of Inflammatory Conditions which winter weather can certainly kick-start or exasperate. Eczema is often recognized with tell-tale dermal redness and rashes. However, among those with darker skin types – Eczema may also cause skin discolouration; such as patches of irregular pigmentation that are either lighter or darker that surrounding skin.

If nasty weather is experienced as a severe skin irritant, Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation may take place. Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation is an effect of skin trauma. It makes spots of discolouration appear on the skin surface.


The precise causes of Rosacea are hard to pinpoint but those that experience it usually know what contributes to triggering a breakout. A substantial number of individuals have reported [click here for the article] that their Rosacea is especially challenging in winter. Dry air inside and harsh wind and low temperatures outside easily contribute to aggravating the unwelcome condition.

Dry, Rough & Itchy skin

Environmental conditions account for an increase in the number of people who report dry, itchy &/ rough skin during the winter. Low humidity, winds and the cold – all steal moisture from skin. Lack of hydration inside skin results in dryness and dryness leads to ‘itchiness’. Dryness also exposes fine lines in the dermis and makes the dermal surface feel rough.

How to treat Winter Skin Conditions

It is vital to be aware of what contributes to creating a skin condition when deciphering how to treat it. Winter weather is an expected catalyst for skin trauma and dehydration. Take these lifestyle factors into account to keep unwanted skin conditions from worsening:

  • Hydrate
  • Cover Up
  • Pay attention to how much time you spend in hot showers.
  • Use a humidifier
  • Protect the skin from excessive sun & wind exposure

When these measures aren’t enough to provide relief, professional help might just be the best answer. Changing Seasons Changing Treatments! Together you and your aesthetic dermatologist can strategize and come-up with the best game-plan to successfully treat and eliminate problematic skin symptoms.

Ready, Aim, Treat!

Dehydration and Inflammation are the two most common denominators in wintertime skin problems. Slower cellular turnover rates and a compromised skin barrier are additional elements that may be present. Expert treatment plans may include the following – dependent on individual factors.

For Acne

  • Laser Treatments
  • Chemical Peels
  • Homecare Products (such as oil-free moisturiser &/ sunblock)
  • Dermapen Treatment

For Rosacea

  • IPL treatment
  • Soothing Homecare Products

For Pigmentation

  • Laser Treatment
  • IPL Treatment
  • Safe & effective Homecare Products

For Dry, Rough, & Itchy skin

  • Meso Glow
  • Chemical Peels
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Moisture maximizing Homecare Products
  • Micro Dermabrasion
  • Laser Treatments

Make the most of Winter with SAI

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