Changing your homecare regimen for Spring (& Beyond)

| August 28, 2020

Environmental changes precipitate changes to Beauty Routines. With spring right around the corner, it is the perfect time to brush up on what needs updating in your homecare regimen and when it should happen – in order to create and keep a stunning complexion regardless of the settings, what’s scheduled, or the season.

Sophisticated & Scientific Skincare

With skincare products, there is a wide range of selection but not all are equal when it comes to quality. Sophisticated skincare targets specific indications in order to create desired outcomes and utilizes science to do so effectively.

  • What separates the snake-oil from the legitimate studied and tested products is:

Scientific formulations: These include tested ingredients of the highest grade available. This ensures that Clients receive products that are free from impurities or dangerous substances that could cause harm in the long run. pH levels and formulations for various skin types and sensitivities are taken into consideration.

Active Ingredients: Not all active ingredients are presented to their maximum; designing synergetic combinations and refining concentrations for optimal results distinguishes skincare brands from one another.

Care in packaging: Professional products are packaged in a such a way as to preserve their contents from contamination and degradation. Air, sunlight, and bacteria can all work to transform a product from being healthy and beneficial for skin to being ineffective.

Note: SAI products showcase these quality hallmarks – this allows us the prestige of our homecare products being classified as Cosmeceuticals. Visit our Specials page to find out how to receive a discount on any SAI branded product!

Ideal Skincare for 3 Common Events

Spring and Summer

Here on the Highveld our weather patterns are more easily categorized into a winter dry time and a sun-drenched summer with rains. As spring arrives with warmer humid air, you can boost the potency of your cleanser to slough-off tired winter skin and keep the cellular matrix active!

You will be enjoying the warm outdoors so be sure to mitigate moisture loss. Fight back by increasing your water intake, eat healthy fruits and up skin hydration through application of a capable moisturizer.

Implement a higher level of sun protection; remember that photo-damage is a main culprit behind accelerated visible ageing. You can also include a Night Cream that includes Retinol into your Spring-Summer Skincare Protocols.

Key Products:

Winter Months

The Highveld conditions require extra care be taken to protect the skin from the cold, dry and windy winter elements. Consider a very gentle cleanser for skin that is now in a season of environmental stressors.

Employ an exfoliating agent twice weekly (or as your Dermatologist recommends) in order to cut through the build-up of flaky dry weathered dermis. Combat low humidity and prevent dermal dehydration by ensuring that the skin gets moisture with a thickly textured hydrating skin moisturizer.

Be sure to still consider the sun, but a lower SPF is likely to be suitable. The reduced UV index also creates the possibility for the daily introduction of Retinol.

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Preparing the Skin for In-Clinic Aesthetic Treatments

To optimize results from skin treatments, (specifically Chemical Peels of every strength) it is highly advisable to implement a 2-week specialized skin protocol in preparation. This not only eliminates existing skin irritants which could interfere or cause flare-ups of inflammation following but additionally prepares the dermis to reap the maximum benefits possible offered by a treatment.

A pro-active skin preparation protocol ought to effectively boost Cellular Turnover prior to an in-clinic session. It should preserve the Skin Barrier Function while safely removing impurities. For these reasons, Dr Clark recommends a mild exfoliator and light Retinol product with a gentle cleanser. To support skin structures, consider a collagen supplement.

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Need more than just a change in Skincare Regime?

Has this Winter been harsh? While our SAI line of cosmeceuticals will deliver powerful results; Aesthetic Treatments still have their merit. Treat yourself and your skin to a combination treatment ON SPECIAL.


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