Changing seasons means changing treatments

| April 30, 2019

Cold weather and the winter season is upon us.

Falling temperatures and winter climate factors require consideration when it comes to one’s beauty & anti-ageing routine. Treating your skin the same in winter as you do in summer is not a good idea. In fact, doing so is a forecast for troubled skin and unwanted flare-ups. It will can also hasten premature visible skin ageing!

Consider your Coordinates

Avoid the winter skin complexion blues

Life in Gauteng offers unique seasonal considerations and plenty to enjoy. The sunny and dry Highveld winter carries with it some special skincare and treatment considerations. Here is what to change and how to avoid the winter skin complexion blues to keep your glow all winter long.

During the Day

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Protection: Cooler temperatures on sunshine-filled days can lead us to lose mindfulness about the danger of UV dermal damage. Remember to use sun protection daily, even in the winter time! Consider an oil-free gel or hydrating formula such as the Neostrata Sheer Hydration SPF35 that is appropriate for winter.

Active Ingredients: Now is also the time to consider active ingredients such as Retinol. The change in the angle of the sun and the shorter days with less exposure allows one to actively pursue anti-ageing Skincare Actives that are light-sensitive.

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Homecare Routine

Windy days and the low percentage of air humidity can wreak havoc on skin moisture levels.

Consider switching up your summer products for winter. This translates into changing one’s moisturiser to a more intensely hydrating product or perhaps adding a Night Cream like this one by Neostrata Bio-hydrating Cream.

The SAI Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum is another great option for assisting skin in retaining moisture.

Don’t forget that while hot showers and baths can feel amazing to fight the chill; they also strip skin oils and dry the dermis – so keep duration in mind and consider a full body moisturiser application afterwards.

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Hydrating & Wellness Treatments

  • Skin: Skin hydration is vital – we cannot overemphasize this. Dry winter air saps the skin making it the season for supplementary hydration treatments. These modern treatments both correct issues that may have arisen throughout the summer and conquer skin dehydration woes of winter. An ideal treatment for the complexion is the Ultimate Hydra Glow treatment on special this month at SAI.
  • Body: Give your whole body a boost with IV Drips. These offer the ultimate in hydration and support healthy immune system function so you can avoid the dreaded coughs and colds associated with winter. Be sure to see the What’s New section of our Newsletter to see which Body Treatments are suitable within the winter season.

Complexion Concerns

Multiple factors accompanying winter often contribute to an increased risk of the re-appearance of past skin conditions or the creation of new ones.

These may include less physical activity during shorter days, colds that result in nasal irritation, the close proximity & friction of scarves and hats to delicate skin, among others.

Rosacea or other skin irritations that present as red blotches, flaky skin, or acne breakouts can be cause for concern. Address problem skin with targeted aesthetic treatments paired with homecare to soothe and restore skin barrier function. Speak to an SAI Specialist today.

Another treatment option is a Chemical Peel. Chemical Peels work to speed cellular turnover in order to create clear blemish free skin. Winter time is an excellent season to undergo a peel as shorter days result in less risk of photosensitivity.

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Migrate to SAI

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