Cellulite: A Treatment Evolution

| Aug 1, 2017

An End to Cellulite?

The topic of Cellulite is a regular hit on the SAI website & blog, it is often spoken about within the consulting rooms & most, if not all our clients, at SAI have at some point explored their cellulite treatment options.

Today, however, we at SAI are making strides in treatment protocols through new research & understanding regarding the formation process of cellulite within the body. We can now target the condition at every anchor point to effectively eradicate the visibility of cellulite!

The wonderful benefits of this cellulite treatment evolution are that the spin-offs include non-surgical body-shaping & it has opened doors for clients to explore their desired body-shape without ever having to undergo intensive surgery, associated pain & the long recovery period.

At SAI, we offer no less than five non-invasive cellulite & body-shaping treatment options. In the month of August 2017, we are also offering a 20% special for customised body-shaping treatment protocols. However, before we go down that road, let’s discuss the history of body-shaping & cellulite treatment.

Surgical Intervention

To discover why surgical intervention was thought as the only possible treatment for cellulite you have to understand the mechanics of cellulite.

You can learn about cellulite in more detail here, but for sake of being concise: Cellulite is made up of scar & connective tissue connecting fat cells to the skin surface. These visible fat cells & rigid surface create that orange peel effect. So, to treat it surgeons believed they needed to destroy the connective tissue holding the fatty layer to the skin surface. They were half correct.

Surgical cellulite procedures & body-shaping was born. The method used to break the connective tissue is, in most cases, the same cannula that is used for liposuction. A combination for cellulite reduction & body-shaping, but it did not address the full problem… plus the expense & excessive downtime make the treatment hurdle rather significant to overcome.

The non-invasive treatment table

Aesthetic Medicine then discovered that destroying the connective tissue was only half the problem solved, and that one could achieve similar results using non-surgical intervention.

The additional focus points to eliminate cellulite have developed:

  • Breaking connective tissue
  • Destroying fat cells
  • Improving circulation to the area & normal cell function

It was quickly discovered that techniques used to positively influence visible cellulite also helped clients achieve body-shaping goals using skin tightening & fat reduction. SAI has long been proponents of non-invasive, zero downtime body-shaping & cellulite reduction, so much so, that we have five modalities to help customise a body-shaping & cellulite protocol exactly for your needs.

20% special on all customised body shaping & cellulite treatment packages

Please note: Throughout August 2017 we are offering a 20% special on all customised body shaping & cellulite treatment packages.

The treatment evolution into non-invasive cellulite & body-shaping platforms at SAI now include:

VelaShape III – the gold standard cellulite & body-shaping platform on the planet today. VelaShape III combines targeted heat via infra-red, massage & radio frequency to achieve the trifecta for cellulite reduction and body-shaping. The treatment focuses on destroying fat cells & connective tissue while encouraging improved blood flow using massage & infra-red stimulation. As a single treatment VelaShape III is near perfect for most!

Non-Ablative Laser 1540 – This treatment option is one we turn to when treating established cellulite. We use the non-ablative laser’s targeted column of light to destroy scar bands that created the stubborn cellulite. This approach works fantastically for other types of scars too.

Palomar Medical Technologies produces the most advanced cosmetic lasers and intense pulsed light (IPL) systems to dramatically improve the appearance of women's and men's skinDeep Infra-Red – As a stand-alone treatment we use Deep Tissue Infra-Red to achieve two masterstrokes in combating cellulite. The heat generated from the Infra-Red rays breaks downs fat cells, but it also encourages improved circulation to further reduce the risk of re-occurring cellulite. This is obviously a great addition for any cellulite to body-shaping treatment protocol.

DermaPen – a common problem post- cellulite treatment is that of poor skin quality. By ‘tricking’ the skin into healing itself – the treatment area is flooded with collagen & elastin. We are effectively creating a platform to even-out skin contours following your body-shaping or cellulite treatment. Very superficial cellulite will be treatable using DermaPen but we prefer to use it as a skin rejuvenation ‘finishing tool’.

Collagen Induction Therapy – think of CIT more as treatment to prevent cellulite from re-forming in the future. As with DermaPen, we know that following the CIT protocols will reduce visible cellulite – we like to promote the therapy as hydration tool; it ensures that the treatment area is functioning harmoniously. This is an often an overlooked step in combating cellulite & when treating fat reduction.

VelaShape III combines targeted heat via infra-red, massage & radio frequency to achieve the trifecta for cellulite reduction and body-shaping.


Homecare products have professed to reduce cellulite visibility for a number of years. Due to the mechanics of cellulite – we cannot support any topical cream as a single treatment but we do now have a topical product that utilises new technology that supplements non-invasive treatments.

BodyCrackle is the latest product on the market & we support the topical mousse as we believe it supplements our non-invasive protocols in two ways:

  1. As a pre-treatment, the introduction of active ingredients will begin the process of breaking down the connective tissue & fat cells. Plus, the massage techniques will help create improved blood-flow. This will no doubt prepare the body for a more sophisticated treatment & effect the final result.
  2. As a post-treatment BodyCrackle maintains the mechanical massage force to keep eliminating fat cells while ensuring all connective fibres are broken. Application of the BodyCrackle mousse post-treatment will keep delivering active ingredients & enhance any treatment results from the clinic.

The combination treatment

Our advice when tackling cellulite or when undergoing non-invasive body-shaping procedures is to prepare your skin & body for the treatment as best as you can, and then have a proven plan for post-treatment recovery. By selecting a combination of procedures based on your type of cellulite, area of fat deposits & desired outcomes – we know that we can achieve your dream body, perfect in shape, flawless skin-tone & cellulite free.

Book an Appointment

Dr Clark and his team are available to offer their body-shaping & cellulite advice. Never have so many options existed to have you treating your cellulite or shaping your body without worry of downtime. To book your appointment or to get some body-shaping advice please call SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 today.


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