What causes a Dull Complexion?

| January 31, 2017

Tackle your complexion worries

The glossy magazines are awash with models sporting glowing complexions & no matter how hard you try, you just cannot mimic their results. The reasons are fairly simple… those images are mere instants constructed by an entire stylist team + photoshop…but healthy skin does exist and is possible. So fear not, we have ways to counter-act the daily stressors that affect your skin. Sexy, Elegant & Healthy Skin is perfect for Valentine’s month don’t you think?

Let’s start with the easy steps

Lifestyle: you are possibly not drinking enough water, or your make-up of choice is possibly drying out your skin, which even your cleanser is capable of. How often you exfoliate also plays are role, it can be done too often or too little. These are extremely common reasons for a dull complexion and are easily fixed by making correct lifestyle choices. Here are some tips:

  1. Drinking enough water – don’t fall into the trap of thinking that dehydration is a quick & easy fix. Your body has water requirements and to improve your hydration levels you do need to go above & beyond. Simply drinking enough daily is all you need but it takes discipline to ensure you are sufficiently hydrated. Your skin will love you for it.
  2. Showing your stress? – Taking a moment to breath can be great for your mood and in turn for your skin. Elevated stress levels increase cortisol levels in your skin & this can negatively impact your visible complexion. That 5-minute break might be all your skin needs to get the blood flowing again to allow your true colours to shine.
  3. Sleep more – the day’s events take its toll, this is obvious… but it is important to remember that sleep is your body’s restorative time and your skin falls into this category. Make sure to get enough sleep to allow your skin cells to completely revive & rejuvenate for the next day, you will be amazed at how an extra hour on your pillow can positively affect your visible age & complexion.

A glowing complexion from home

The latest advancements in homecare make treating your skin not only an easy undertaking but an effective one too. It is of paramount importance to use the best homecare products.

To discover what your skin needs see our online skin analysis. & if you are specifically looking for homecare that is focussed on ‘complexion correction’ then here are list of products (on special in our online store for the month of February 2017) that will impact your complexion in the most positive of ways.

Neoretin Gelcream – ideal for those concerned with pigmentation & a dull complexion. This product also boasts a SPF 50 to not only ensure a bright complexion but a reduction in melanin formation to radically reduce sun spots.

Neoretin Gelcream SPF50

Dermaceutic C25 Cream – reduces damage from daily stressors by eradicating free radicals & the harmful effects that city life has on your complexion. With four active vitamins we are confident that the C25 Cream is the answer for anyone concerned with how life is affecting their skin.

Dermaceutic C25 Cream

Neoretin Booster Serum – boasting six active ingredients all designed to halt melanin production in the skin we know that this Booster Serum will not only control pigmentation problems in the skin but will brighten your complexion at the same time.

Neoretin Booster Serum

NeoStrata Skin Active & Retinol NAG Complex – an anti-aging cream that smooths lines & combats a dull complexion all in a single application. The product contains Retinol & doubles as an exfoliating agent. This is potentially everything you need in a homecare treatment when correcting a dull complexion.

NeoStrata Skin Active Retinol + NAG Complex

This is by no means an exhaustive list and one should not overlook an effective cleanser & moisturizer combination for mornings & before bed. You can shop online by clicking here to discover the world of gold standard homecare products to suit your exact skin needs.

Getting Aesthetic

Without doubt the most advanced complexion treatments should only be performed by trained therapists or doctors with extensive experience within the aesthetics industry. The joy is that if the above protocols are in place – the treatment within the SAI offices will be minimal & inexpensive.

IV Skin Brightening treatments  are extremely popular & they offer fantastic results with zero downtime. Similarly we always recommend a monthly visit for a light chemical peel to maintain cellular turnover, a reduction in fine lines & a glowing complexion. Should you wish to boost your complexion make sure to read about the latest in skin rejuvenation techniques using Teosyal RHA1

The treatment options may seem endless but the right advice from our therapists and doctors will certainly set you off in the correct direction. The triple (Lifestyle, Homecare & Aesthetic) approach is without doubt the best way to achieve glowing skin complexion results. It is wonderful to know that by following the advice above you will not only benefit from a brighter skin but a healthier, plumper & visibly less aged appearance too.

Make sure you follow the lifestyle steps towards a glowing complexion, and combine it with a consistent homecare & supplement regime. This then allows Dr Clark or Dr Marks to treat specific areas of aesthetic concern to complete not only a glowing complexion result, but also a subtle & natural anti-aging result too.

Book a Consultation

For any additional information or to book a consultation please call SAI Sandton: 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof: 012 460 7047. Our team of therapists and doctors will gladly assist you in making the best decisions for your skin.

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