| August 1, 2017

Topical Technology to treat your Cellulite

BodyCrackle is one of the most searched-for online products in South Africa today, and it is an extremely popular seller via our SAI Online Store.

The reason being is that it offers a new approach to topical cellulite treatment with the absorption of active ingredients as a key focus to its success.

Supported by SAI

We support BodyCrackle at SAI because we know just how cellulite is created & what processes are required to break it down – & the product ticks the required boxes. You can read more about avoiding developing cellulite here. BodyCrackle does not profess to cure the condition but rather that it aids in modern treatment cycles & supplements results for an improved body-shape & tone.

The efficacy lies in the combination of the patented Crackle Technology & massage.

A concern with all cellulite treatment topical creams is that of absorption. BodyCrackle addresses these concerns in two ways:

  1. Massage – they recommended massage protocol is that of 5-minutes. This is half of other cellulite products thanks to the patented Crackle Technology. Massage forces active ingredients into the skin for maximum result.
  2. Technology – Crackle Technology when formulated within a mousse allows for micro-explosions, as they are called by the manufacturer, within the target zone; this in turn increases absorption of the active ingredients designed to reduce the visible appearance of cellulite.

Active Ingredients

Each of the five active ingredients are designed to visibly reduce your cellulite, and when combined with non-invasive treatments for body-shaping & cellulite; the results are fantastic smooth body’ contours. The ingredients include:

  1. Capsaicin for improved microcirculation aiding in healthier cells
  2. Asiatic Centella, Ivy & Birch to assist with Decongestion of tissues
  3. Green Tea that acts as an Antioxidant to prevent regression of the tissues
  4. Aloe to hydrate & sooth, which helps for the massage element
  5. Carnitine, Brown Algae, Theobromine, Theophylline, Caffeine and Genistein all combine to stimulate metabolic rate that ultimately reduces the risk of developing more cellulite.

Purchase Online

If you would like to see what BodyCrackle can do for your visible cellulite then simply click here & shop online. You can also visit our specials page & combine your BodyCrackle regime with a custom body-shaping special offer this August 2017 .

For any extra information, please contact SAI on 011 883 3116 & speak to our team.


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