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| July 7, 2022

Summer Dreams

Ready to meet Spring and Summer with a confident smile and a fantastic body to match it? Body Sculpting treatments are available at SAI in Sandton. These work on their own or paired together to tone, contour, perfect, smooth, and renew. They are safe, tested, and proven to provide positive results. Let’s take a closer look at how you can get a little help from science in sculpting a dream body for this summer!

Time is on Your Side

Now, is an ideal time to begin a treatment series:

Winter-clothing conceals,

No social downtime,

Time to complete treatment series.

Starting in winter allows the transforming protocol to be accomplished by seasons change!

Five Distinct Treatment Offerings

These five treatments offer an alternative to cosmetic surgery. They are an ideal approach for individuals seeking to rejuvenate, enhance, and contour without the risk or recovery time required with surgery.

Each of these treatments has been researched and clinical data is available as testament to safe function and positive results. All of these treatments require more than one session for optimal outcomes.

VelaShape III: Perfect for Advanced Body Contouring

Premier world class non-surgical body contouring technology is housed in the VelaShape III. Excellent results are created through a triple-pronged approach. Infrared light (IR) is paired with radio frequency (RF) energy, alongside a unique hand-held device for suction power and manipulation of soft tissue. Clients enjoy comfort while science goes to work. Suction power applies lifting pressure to the treatment area, while the IR carefully heats the tissue and fat cells therein, RF energy assures that generated heat is evenly and safely distributed. Treatment is safe for all skin types and colours. No needles, numbing cream, or any other type of session preparation is required and absolutely no downtime is necessitated. Treatment lasts 15-30 minutes and most Clients experience it as relaxing and even pleasurable. VelaShape III provides skin tightening, cellulite reduction and elimination, while sculpting.  As it is proven to work and enjoyable; it’s a treatment to love!

IPL & Laser for skin imperfections

Established and recognized for treating skin imperfections both Intense Pulsed Light and Laser technology are highly effective at what they do. Similar but different, these two approaches cover a wide range of skin cosmetic concerns. Laser will depend on one specific wavelength of light while IPL will utilize broad spectrum visible light. The correct selection between the two, will depend on the issue and area being targeted. Both technologies carry extremely low risk. The severity of the concern and type of treatment will inform the recovery protocol but it is entirely possible to have little or even no downtime required following. IPL & Laser are excellent options available to erase spider veins, certain types of scars, hyperpigmentation, discolouration around stretchmarks, and other unwanted blemishes on the skin’s surface. The result is rejuvenated skin.

*Hair Removal can also achieved through the implementation of these technologies. To learn more, please click here.

Proellixe Vibration: Perfect for muscle toning

This powerful technology provides a host of benefits to users. Through the concentrated use of vibration; muscles across the body are engaged with contractions and resistance. Utilized by NASA and professional athletes the Proellixe Vibration is capable of increasing muscle tone, firmness, and flexibility. It can decrease cellulite, accelerate weight loss, and enhance circulation. No downtime is required and one can return to any activity of their choice following.

Mesotherapy for Cellulite

Mesotherapy relies on a series of precisely placed injections. The theory of Mesotherapy for Cellulite is that through the insertion of naturally occurring enzymes and proteins into the middle layer of skin (mesoderm); one can increase circulation and breakdown fat deposits. The body then metabolises and eliminates destroyed fat. Treatment is performed by a licensed Medical Doctor. Local anaesthetic injections are used for maximum Client-comfort and multiple injection sessions will likely be needed. Following Mesotherapy for cellulite; one can expect decreased body fat and reduced cellulite alongside an improved and smoothed skin surface.

*Mesotherapy has not yet received FDA approval as Mesotherapy formulations are not standardized. Please take adequate care to ensure the Doctor you choose is reputable and able to provide exactly what is being included in your specific injections. Dr Clark does not take short-cuts. He is happy to explain and show both proper storage and complete ingredients within each of the proven products used at SAI.

Dermapen for Stretchmarks

Dermapen provides an excellent approach to eliminating stretchmarks. Professional application safely creates a myriad of micro-injuries to break up the fibrous tissue that makes up a stretchmark scar. This in turn activates the body’s natural Healing Cascade boosting production of Collagen and Elastin. The target area is pre-treated with a numbing cream and the treated skin should be sheltered post-treatment. Following Dermapen for stretchmarks, one can expect tightened skin with the scar tissue of stretchmarks fading and appearing softer for greatly reduced visibility in problem areas.

Why Wait?

Not sure where to begin? Dr Clark at SAI is experienced in all non-surgical avenues of Aesthetic Medicine. Let him and his team give you a professional opinion and lay out which of the choices would be most appropriate in achieving the results you desire.

For Wrinkle Correction, please click here.

For Oil Skin Correction, please click here.

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For any information or to book additional treatments please call SAI on 011 883 3116 / 060 718 2718 or via our SAI Contact Us Page.

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