Body perfect through the colder months

| April 30, 2019

Achieving and maintaining one’s ideal body requires a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

However conscientious we are, there are going to be troublesome spots that remain stubbornly resistant to change. These problem areas can be distressing and take a negative toll on body confidence and self-image.

Help is Here!

You don’t have to settle. You also don’t need to commit to going under the knife.

There are a host of Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments aimed at targeting and eliminating niggling concerns. These established treatments address issues top to toe and are capable of making meaningful results for clients.

Buck the trend of inactivity in winter. Instead of hibernating this winter season, why don’t you actively address the elements holding you back from a whole body aesthetic that you love? The time is now to start redefining and refining your look.

Why is Wintertime an ideal season to seek treatment?

These are the top two reasons to undergo treatments in wintertime.

  1. Winter allows for a more aggressive treatment plan approach. Treatments can be scheduled closer together thus shortening package procedures. Cold weather fashion is particularly suited to permitting this; as long sleeves, tights and trousers protect sensitive skin from UV light exposure for improved recovery.
  2. Choosing to work on body shape, cellulite, vein removal, hair removal or other sensitive body concerns can empower you all winter long. When warmer temperatures begin to arrive, you’ll be polished and poised to reveal the ‘new you’ and take full advantage of spring and summer from the outset!

Possibilities Abound!

There are numerous non-surgical options available; including but not limited too the following selection:

Contour and shape to achieve the silhouette of your dreams for spring and summer.

Manage and remove unwanted hair and veins for good, this treatment can do that and more!

Bid goodbye to cottage-cheese thighs. Make cellulite disappear with these treatments.

Diminish unwanted stretch marks.

Eliminate painful &/ unattractive leg veins (including spider veins) without injections being required. The Palomar non-ablative laser is up to the job!

Find out what is ailing your skin with a complimentary Visia™ Skin Analysis and how to fix it with a custom care protocol.


Don’t wait all winter long to get the body you want for this coming summer. Start now and benefit from unique advantages inherent in wintertime treatment.


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