The best Skin Resolutions for the New Year

| January 10, 2017

Avoid the Fad treatments in 2017

Every year we see a host of new products & treatments make their way into the aesthetic industry… then we see them leave again. At SAI we only offer studied & proven products, attached to closely examined treatment protocols. This is not only to offer our clients the most safe & comfortable treatment options but to offer them ongoing & improving results too.

At SAI we only offer studied & proven products, attached to closely examined treatment protocols.

The Fad treatments offer big promises

The problem with fad treatments is that they promise the world in terms of results but achieve very little. Over the years we at SAI have come to understand exactly how different areas of the skin & body should be approached. Treatments have become very specific & techniques very specialised to achieve desired results, and as such we promote holistic health & targeted treatments to achieve skin health & anti-ageing results.

The fad treatment offers too many things. This is exactly what to look out for. This does not mean, however, that all new treatments are bad, or that they do not have a place. It simply means that results should be proven & the benefits should be targeted wisely within treatment protocols.

Too often we hear of testimonials of individuals preaching glorious results from a single product without considering how the combination of other treatments has created a platform of skin perfection that allowed for such results. Yes, the addition of a treatment might have made an impact but the best results are found when each individual treatment is used for a very specific reason with a platform that will allow it to be efficacious & in small doses to allow for zero downtime.

The best resolution for the 2017

For existing clients of SAI, we are preaching to the choir. Work closely with either Dr Clark or Dr Marks, and your therapist & maintain a monthly schedule of regular visits. Each month you will have the ability to undergo a skin assessment to tweak your homecare regime, plus treat the scaffold of a healthy skin & also any problem areas concerning you.

But the SAI approach to healthy graceful anti-ageing doesn’t end there. We know that healthy lifestyle & eating choices will also impact your visible age, so too your exercise regime. Taking this approach to internal health will positively impact your health & visible age.

An example

You may have become concerned with chronological ageing & some skin laxity in your jowls & in your thighs.

The SAI approach would be:

  • Undergo a skin assessment to ensure your homecare is doing enough for your skin
  • Tackle the jowl using dermal fillers & Botulinum toxin, with the potential use of VelaShape at your next monthly appointment
  • Examine your eating & exercise habits to correct potential reasons for hasten skin laxity.
  • Book a follow up treatment in 1-month to establish if any laser lifting or eating plans are required.
  • Maintain & Improve your aesthetics with regular minor touch-ups.

With this approach we at SAI can incorporate some added treatments into a regular range of treatments without breaking the bank or negatively influencing your ongoing skin regime. On this note, make sure to read our blog on how correct eating plans can affect your skin & visible age.

So for 2017, take the SAI resolution approach – make it holistic, un-rushed & consistent from the inside-out and achieve the best results for you, and your skin.

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