Benefits of IV Skin Brightening

| Nov 8, 2018

Treat yourself and treat your skin!

IV Skin Brightening is a treatment that vanquishes dull, lacklustre, poorly textured skin. It ushers in a new era of refreshed, rejuvenated, bright and beautiful healthy skin! Best of all, it is non-surgical, low-risk, and offers same-day results that last a long time!

This month SAI is offering an impressive Special Package of 8 IV Skin Brightening treatments to rejuvenate and restore your glowing complexion.

Immediate & On-Going Benefits of IV Treatment Protocols

  1. Immediate Results

Enjoy instant results! Unlike expensive topical brightening products (that often contain harmful ingredients that can damage and scar) that take months to show effect, IV Skin Brightening provides visible results after the first treatment!

These positive results continue to build on each other after each subsequent treatment. By directly delivering essential skin nutrients and the ultimate in deep hydration, skin is immediately improved and luminous.

  • Treatments are painless! No anaesthesia, potions, or multiple needles needed. This means no swelling, no itching, and no embarrassing redness.
  • Zero downtime required. No need to block out one’s professional or social calendar. Stop by for a quick treatment and resume your day with more vitality.
  • Unwind or stay connected during treatment. The nature of IV treatment allows for it to be conducive to a range of activities. Do what you like or what you need to get done – during treatment. Within our comfortably and hygienic clinic, use the time to sit back and rest, browse your favourite magazine, connect and chat, or catch up on work or admin. Regardless of how you spend your treatment time, your results will still be stellar.
  • Stress free & easy. November is often a busy and stressful time that only seems to accelerate as the New Year approaches. IV Skin Brightening is an ideal approach to attaining an enviable even skin glow.


  1. Results Lasts Longer

IV Skin Brightening delivers now and later. Enjoy the benefits of new and improved skin for longer with increased efficiency of internal cell function and healthy dermal structures.

  • Enduring moisture! On-going penetrating hydration supports skin at every level from the deepest tissue layer to the outer surface. Vital moisture reduces premature ageing, diminishes visible ageing, and creates radiant skin!
  • Harness powerful antioxidants. The inclusion of Glutathione, a proven skin brightener adds a potent workhorse to the formulation. Glutathione can reduce pigment spots, lessen irregular pigmentation, brighten the complexion, and improve skin quality and texture. It can also enhance collagen production, fight fatigue, increase immunity, and suppress acne. While this super antioxidant can be taken orally, the absorption rate of Glutathione is enhanced considerably by IV delivery.


SAI is offering a Special Package on IV Treatments in the month of November, to learn more – simply click here or call Sandton Aesthetic Institute on 011 883 3116


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