Beauty in a bottle – Take your treatment home with you

| November 26, 2012

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of your aesthetic treatment for longer? Who doesn’t? What about recovering faster post treatment? Again, there are very few who would walk away from an offer like that. What if we told you that you could achieve all that and more at home?

Now that we have your attention you can see why Dr Clark and his team at SAI are so keen to break down the do’s, don’ts and in’s and outs of a successful homecare regime. 
Without a doubt, cosmetics are a multi-billion industry and the aesthetic offshoot cosmeceuticals is not far behind. The industry has grown from a need of homecare for more than simple cosmetics but rather active ingredients to assist in anti-ageing.

Cosmeceuticals are born

The birth of aesthetic medicine brought with it a need to address skin concerns using professional grade products. The idea was simple; to move from a simple “cleanse and moisturise regime” to a scientifically researched and tested regime that actually does what the bottle says. “We are always looking for products with better active ingredients and at suitable concentrations to actually have an effect on the skin” says Dr Alastair Clark. “Traditional skin care products do not offer actives at concentrations or percentages to actually have an effect on the skin, let alone reverse the signs of ageing.”

Two sides to the story

It makes sense that with the additional research and actives the price for cosmeceuticals would rise. The price-tag often pushes patients away. What patients fail to consider is the simplicity most cosmeceuticals offer in terms of fewer products and less hassle using them.

“Paying an exorbitant price tag can be a barrier but when compared to the cost of multiple products promising to achieve the same result” says Dr Clark, “the choice becomes easier.” “The benefit of working with top cosmeceuticals is that they actually have studies proving they work. They have been put through their paces and come out of the process with positive results”

SAI Range of Cosmeceuticals

Within the scope of cosmeceuticals there are also quality and price discrepancies and the team at SAI are always searching and updating the product range to include the best products across the price spectrum. The SAI Cosmeceutical ranges are all chosen based upon clinical research.

In some cases the research is into the active ingredients designed to reverse visible signs of ageing, or in other product cases the individual product itself is studied and proven to work. Cosmeceuticals have become so sophisticated that they are only sold through reputable doctors practices. This is because different formulations will work better with certain skin types and conditions, and with the price tag you would naturally want the best product possible for your individual needs.

Evolution in homecare

Dr Clark and his team at SAI can direct you to a homecare range or series of product to match your treatment protocol. This means that you no longer need to buy multiple products in hope but rather specific products to achieve visual results. This all comes down to better understanding of active ingredients and contributing factors like PH.

Active ingredients can lessen swelling, reduce pigmentation and sun spots, increase skin thickness to alleviate minor wrinkles, and even speed up skin exfoliation. Some top brands even target skin ageing at a cellular level. Who would have believed 10 years ago that your skincare regime would include a PH neutral cream that would actively repair skin cells to naturally promote the production of elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Believe it, it is here.

The next step is to work with your SAI therapist and Dr Clark to maximise your aesthetic treatment at home with product suited specifically for you skin, treatment and desired result.

For more information on the current cosmeceuticals products for sale at SAI we encourage you to make an appointment to see Dr Clark.

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