Banish Cellulite and that belly… its no secret anymore

| April 29, 2014

Cellulite reductions, body shaping, skin tightening… what else could you wish for?

In 2005 VelaSmooth became the first FDA approved device to treat cellulite. Imagine the advancements in the last 9 years. This advancement comes in the form of the VelaShape 3, this platform however is also FDA approved to offer abdominal reduction. Now rejoice that the VelaShape 3 is available at SAI.

What is the science?

VSIII_1Studies performed with VelaShape 3 showed that best results are achieved by treating a combination of several factors. This includes sustained volumetric heating of the tissue to a consistent temperature of between 43°C and 45°C, and at a specific depth for tissue accuracy (between 3mm and 15mm).

Treatment results at 10 weeks showed that 100% of patients showed an abdominal circumference improvement of at least 1.5cm, while 80% displayed 2.6cm reduction.

That is not all however; the mechanism of action in VelaShape 3 technology also offers improvement in:

  • Skin Tone,
  • Skin Tightening
  • Skin Texture


VelaShape 3 offers the perfect treatment option for those interested in non-invasive treatment options for:

  • Stubborn fat areas
  • Cellulite
  • Skin tightening


Slim and shape up with VelaShape 3. The better news is that the new VelaShape 3 offers a more agile treatment head. This means you can treat more than simply your tummy, hips, buttocks and love handles. SAI can now slim and lift:

  • Chin
  • Knees
  • Upper Arms
  • And areas already treated with other indications where skin laxity has become and issue


How does it work?

To achieve these results VelaShape relies on 3 treatment protocols:

  • High powered radio frequency
  • Infrared energy
  • Pulsed vacuum

The new VelaShape 3 has increased the Radio Frequency from 60W to 150W, for more power therefore faster results. Similarly the temperatures sensor has been updated for better measurement, which leads to more precise treatments. The most significant improvement for the patient however is the Smart Feedback addition which allows your SAI therapist to measure skin impedance to allow consistent and deep delivery of heat and massage on all patients. This means superb, accurate results in quicker time, with fewer treatments and without compromising on patient comfort.

How often do I need to come for treatments?

Treatments are spaced 2 weeks apart and an average of 3 treatments are ideal for best results, that said the team at SAI have seen significant results after a single treatment. Patients report a warming in the treatment area but nothing more, and there is absolutely zero downtime.

If you are concerned with your cellulite or need a little help shaping up or lifting make your appointment at SAI today: call 011 883 3116

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