Avoid summer Dry Skin

| November 10, 2017

Dry skin is not just common in the winter-time. Many people experience it in the summertime too.

7 Common culprits that Create Dry Skin in summertime

1. Dehydration: Summer heat means that dehydration can happen easily. Skin needs moisture from the inside out. To ensure that dehydration isn’t leaving your skin dry, drink plenty of pure water.

2. Hygiene Rituals: Long hot showers feel amazing but truth be told they dry out our skin and our hair. Too much exfoliation and soap that is too stringent can also take away the natural-oils that our skin needs to stay supple.

3. Clogged Pores: can keep essential skin oils and sweat from doing their job to keep skin soft.

4. Pool Time: Chlorine in pools is an important part of making them hygienic but it can wreak havoc on skin. To minimize the negative effects of pool chemicals always shower after swimming and invest in quality moisturizing skin crème.

5. Alcohol: Warm summer nights can make cold cocktails all the more alluring. But watch your intake as alcohol can be a major skin dehydrator. Too much to drink can leave you with lackluster skin.

6. Sun Damage: Too much time in the sunshine can draw the moisture right out of your skin. Invest in superb sun protection and a quality wide-brimmed sun-hat.

7. Stress: South African summers stretch over major holiday times. Family getaways and social get-togethers are often special times to create memories but planning them and socializing in big groups can be stressful too. Build-in time for yourself to help alleviate stress that will otherwise take a toll on your health & skin.

No need for Dry SkinFun in the sun doesn’t need to include, dry, flaky, red, or itchy skin. SAI can help cure your Dry Skin! Meet with our Skin Experts to analyze and determine which Aesthetic Treatments are suitable to you – ensure that your skin is smooth and moisturized all summer long.

Benefit from the best of skin health technology! Click here to download your voucher & receive a free Visia™ Skin Analysis.

Treating Dry Skin

SAI is pleased to provide several effective treatments to heal dry skin & dry skin damage. These treatments work to eliminate dry, flawed, surface skin and allow for new collagen-rich rejuvenated skin to emerge. They supplement dull, dry, tired skin with essential nutrients and uniquely formulated serums to address your personal skin woes.

Meso Glow


Chemical Peels

Dermabrasion & MicroDermabrasion

Dermal Fillers that employ Hyaluronic Acid (HA) can help increase and supplement moisture where you need it most.

 • Dermal Fillers


Homecare that Works!

Start addressing dry skin today and your skin will love you for it!

• Choosing the right follow-up Homecare will maximize the benefits of your professional Aesthetic treatment.

• Preventative measures mitigate the risk of your skin suffering from excessive moisture-loss. Keep unwanted visible-aging at bay by being pro-active about skin health!

• Not the right time for an Aesthetic treatment, not to worry. With one of our homecare products – treatment can begin at home!

SAI stocks the world’s most advanced cosmeceuticals. Get an individual recommendation based on your skin’s health or browse through what’s on offer in our online store.

Highlights include

SAI’s Intense Night Repair Cream is the perfect Night Cream for those who suffer from dry summer skin.

SAI’s Hydrating Day Cream full of essential moisturizing ingredients to add and retain moisture no matter the weather.

Heliocare – Taking Sun Protection to a whole new level with 360-degree holistic protection that work inside and out!

• NeoStrata – Industry leader NeoStrata offers products formulated to suit your skin needs. I.e. NeoStrata Problem Dry Skin Cream


Contact SAI Today

Don’t guess what your skin needs! Make an appointment with the Skin Specialists at SAI today. With expert advice and years of experience they can provide you with personally tailored advice. Armed with knowledge you can be sure to avoid dry skin this summer season.

*Delivery is completely free on orders of R500 or more.

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