April Skin Rejuvenation Offers

| Mar 30, 2021

The Easter holiday break is always a seminal moment in our annual planning calendar. The April break provides an opportunity to make significant changes to your visible skin age by combining two unique elements at this time of year:

  1. Available Time – we can utilise the break from the office &/ the school-run to maximise the treatment protocol without the worry of missing work or other responsibilities.
  2. The transitioning season – the autumn months create the ideal environmental factors that allow us to step up to more ‘aggressive’ type treatments.

At SAI we always select our offers to match the needs of our Clients with the season specifics. This April is no different, and that is why we are offering a series of DermaPen treatments with a 3D Mask.

April 2021 Special:

Buy a series of 3 x DermaPen treatments and get a 3D Mask free with each treatment. SAVE: R1680

The triple treatment package is all about one thing: long-term, exceptional results.

DermaPen is well-documented as a Skin Rejuvenation treatment that delivers superb anti-ageing results. The 3 x package offers your skin the ability to further correct a history of sun exposure, lifestyle indulgence and natural ageing.

Each treatment is separated by a few weeks to allow for 100% healing before the next pass, but in essence we will be establishing a significant base of Collagen and hydration into the skin that will promote healthy rejuvenated skin that is youthful, plump and glowing.

Each additional pass of the treatment protocol further improves on the previous result. At SAI we have found that 3 x treatments are sufficient to turn back the visible age and at this time of year prepare the skin for a highveld winter.

Why is the 3D Mask important?

As part of this offer, we will incorporate a 3D Mask following each treatment. After each DermaPen session, your skin will be primed for delivery of deep Hyaluronic Acid (HA) hydration and also be in need of soothing. The 3D Mask delivers on both fronts.

  • Immediately post-treatment the 3D Mask will soothe the skin and minimize social downtime.
  • Similarly, the immediate application will deliver HA through the channels created by the Dermapen – for absolute absorption. This leads to delivery of HA into the deep dermis where it will aid healing, assist with cellular function and offer hydrating volume for skin fullness.

For more information on the ideal transition treatments, please click here and make sure to speak to your SAI Aesthetician about making alterations to your homecare regime for this time of year. & if you are looking for something different, click here to see the aesthetic treatments that got the clinical results but missed their 5 minutes of fame.

This offer is specially designed for April, so please make a booking early to avoid missing out. Call us on 011 883 3116 / 060 718 2178 for more information or to speak to a trained therapist. This offer is only valid for April 2021.


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