Is ‘Antioxidant’ just a buzzword?

| April 7, 2017

Our bodies naturally create antioxidants and thousands of antioxidants exist naturally in a fruits, vegetables, and herbs. ‘Antioxidant’ has become a buzzword but it is one worth tuning into. These chemical compounds are not only important, their inclusion in a healthy diet is vital. They can be major players in the fight to prevent unwanted visible-aging.


Free Radicals Explained

The daily act of living puts us into contact with substances named ‘Free Radicals’. Free Radicals come from many places. They can be created by the simple interaction of sunlight on our skin. They are also found in chemicals used in processed food, city pollution, cleaning products, and much more. Don’t think that a safe haven can be found because even our own body’s produces them as a natural by-product of metabolic function!


What makes them dangerous?

Free Radical activity results in cell damage to otherwise healthy cells. They vitally injure the viability of other cells by stealing their electrons.

Cells that lose their electrons can no longer perform their required or designed functions. Their membrane can become damaged and their encoded DNA may be altered. They may even be transformed into electron thieving free radicals themselves!


Natural Defenders

The body is not powerless. It has a way of fighting back against free radicals in two ways. Firstly, the body creates its own chemical substances that stop Free Radicals’ activity. Secondly, the body utilizes substances found in food to defend its cells.

Chemical compounds that are used to fight against free radicals are referred to as ‘Antioxidants’.


What makes Antioxidants valuable?

Antioxidants neutralize the negative activity of electron hungry Free Radicals in a unique way. They do this by supplying free radicals the electron that they want, while being able to maintain their own integrity and not suffering any harm themselves.


Where are Antioxidants found?

Antioxidants are found in fresh fruit, vegetables, and more. Famous ones include those in red wine, green tea and coffee.

While most of us are content to lump all antioxidants under the umbrella term, in truth there are hundreds of different types including specialty ones.

Despite their differences though, they all protect our valuable cell function by deactivating the negative effects of free radicals.


How to get the most from Antioxidants

Do not make the mistake of thinking that if you add one particular antioxidant rich food into your diet you will reap the maximum benefits available from antioxidants as a whole.

The key to getting the most from antioxidants in your diet is realizing there is a wide variety available. Therefore eat a varied diet that incorporates numerous seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables for ultimate exposure.

This means keeping to the maxim “Everything in Moderation” instead of obsessively consuming one or two antioxidant sources.


Antioxidants in Skincare

Not all ingredients are created equal and harnessing the powerful natural power of antioxidants can be included in products to assist in achieving your Aesthetic skincare goals.

In some cases, it is true that the phrase “includes antioxidants” has been exploited as a mere marketing tool. Over the counter cosmetics often make claims such as these without providing any research to prove its truth.

Despite of the overuse of the phrase, the truth is that antioxidant substances are powerful and can be a tremendous tool in the fight against premature visible aging.

Understanding how your skin rebuilds itself & incorporating specific antioxidants can contribute to effective anti-ageing protocols.

Use scientifically designed skincare that includes a spectrum of antioxidants to fight back against sun damage, daily skin stressors. For recovery-periods from procedures such as deep chemical peels or micro-dermabrasion we recommend Recovery Creams.


SAI Online

SAI professionals are committed to researching and providing the highest quality, results driven skincare products to our discerning clientele. When our products boast anti-oxidant ingredients you can be confident they are formulated in a scientific way to harness their free radical fighting potential.

If you have anti-aging ambitions, ensure you include the ever-important powerhouse compounds known as antioxidants in your skincare regime!

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