Aesthetic Trends to Watch in 2018

| January 2, 2018

Combination Treatments for the win

We understood early that by focusing specific treatments on specific anti-ageing problems – we could better influence the final result. This meant a client-approach by targeting ‘worry’-areas while creating a healthier skin matrix.

The new trend is to combine latest technology treatments into a single treatment session to condense results. Dr Clark & his team of therapists have created combinations that aid the effectiveness of each treatment for optimal results. SAI believes that single session combination protocols will remain a trend for the duration of 2018.

The Combo Treatment Trends for 2018

Three for Me: Laser

This triple treatment combination is ideal for Deep Skin Rejuvenation & it is on Special Offer for January 2018.

It consists of a Max G Laser treatment followed by not one, but two Fractional Laser passes over the treatment area. Combining three lasers into a single treatment is previously unheard of but the results speak for themselves. The ability to perform this combination treatment is thanks largely to the improving laser technology whereby we do not damage the surface of the skin but rather use each laser to target skin cell rejuvenation at various layers within the skin. Correct pre- & post- homecare will also impact recovery, the final result & duration of the result.

The first laser pass uses Max G Optimised Pulsed Light (OPL) that targets deep lying sun damage (sun spots & pigmentation) plus visible spider veins. It is painless & results will begin to show immediately as dark spot are literally dissolved. We then use Non-Ablative Fractional Laser. The double-pass over the same treatment area will stimulate collagen production by activating the healing cascade. Similarly, the laser wavelength targets deeper skin cells to improve fibroblast activity. This no-pain, zero downtime double pass will lift & tighten the skin.

That means blemish free skin & skin tightening to reduce visible age from your skin… all in under an hour. Results from the Three for Me Laser will be immediately visible. A single treatment is all that you may need but we always suggest a protocol of three treatments for ultimate satisfaction.

Bridal Glow

The Bridal Glow includes a triple treatment within a single session to unveil the perfect complexion. Zero downtime & a single session is all you need: what more could you ask for? The Bridal Glow is on special offer this January 2018.

If you are looking for a skin’ glow for any special occasion or simply to revitalize your skin -the Bridal Glow is for you. The three treatments include Mesotherapy, Chemical Peel & DermaPen HA Mask.

First, Mesotherapy delivers an individualised cocktail of vitamins designed to brighten & even your complexion. The micro-needling approach also creates the perfect penetration platform for the chemical peel to follow. Again, the SAI therapists will select a chemical peel suited to your skin, skin type & desired result. The goal is gentle exfoliation without visible peeling. This eradicates skin blemishes & reveals skin devoid of fine lines, sun spots & crêpey skin. Finally, we add the DermaPen HA Mask to deliver deep skin hydration. This hydration will allow for skin elasticity & ideal cellular conditions to maintain your glowing complexion result.

Best of all, this is a single treatment combo that showcases results within an hour – which is perfect for when you need to look your absolute best. If you wish to build upon the results, we recommend three sessions separated monthly.

Chemical Peel & DermaPen: Acne

Acne is a horrible skin infliction that creates self-consciousness in everyone who suffers with it. There are many half & un-truths relating to the treatment of acne. That ends here. We can now treat acne using a single treatment once-off protocol that will yield results immediately – & final results within one week. The combination includes DermaPen & a TCA Chemical Peel.

Did you know: We use the same protocol for acne as we do for acne scarring, only the concentration of chemical peel may vary.

The dual approach includes a pass-over of the treatment area using DermaPen followed by a TCA chemical peel. Accurate & deep penetration using DermaPen stimulates new collagen for a healthy skin matrix to support clear skin. In many cases we do recommend a homecare pre- & post- regime to minimise sebum production – this normally includes salicylic acid or retinol. The combination of DermaPen & salicylic acid will help the epidermis shed skin, open pores & eradicate bacteria causing clogged pores. This is the base for clear skin.

Adding TCA chemical peels directly after the DermaPen allows for deeper chemical peel penetration. The exfoliation caused by the TCA chemical peel will clear all the layers of contaminated skin & voila… the complexion you’ve been dreaming of.

This treatment does include some social downtime but the results are worth it, especially when considering that a single treatment will clear your complexion.

If you have any questions or would like to book your combination treatments with Dr Clark or with one of the trained therapists simply call SAI Sandton now on 011 883 3116. Remember that both the Bridal Glow & Three for Me: Laser combinations are on Special Offer this January 2018.

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