Acne Scar Skin Rejuvenation

| February 28, 2017

Solving acne scar complexion problems

From teenagers to the middle-aged; everyone who has suffered from acne will agree to its ability to drain self-esteem & confidence. Now imagine that self-same acne develops scarring and you are forced to live with the memory into your adult life.

With this in mind you can see why Dr Clark & Dr Marks are so passionate about successfully treating patients that suffer from acne scars.

In previous articles we have discussed just how difficult an acne scar is to treat, but we have also shown how the evolution of the treatment has made results more & more successful, and more & more predictable. As part of the month of Skin Rejuvenation for winter, we thought it pertinent to discuss the latest techniques & combination skin rejuvenation procedures working their magic on acne scar sufferers.

The Scar Treatment Process

Irrespective of the intensity of your scarring – the approach will be the same. Lighter scarring may require a shorter treatment protocol, and perhaps less aggressive treatments but to achieve the same result we have to work through the same mechanics. It is this structured treatment approach that is providing superb results:

Breaking the scar – acne scarring is essentially caused by bands of scar tissue pulling the surface of the skin inward to the deeper dermis. To alleviate the visible scar these connective bands of scar tissue need to be broken. Depending on your scar, Dr Clark or Dr Marks may opt for a treatment including needle dissection, ablative laser or deep chemical peel therapy to destroy the bands connecting the visible skin to the deep dermis.

Stimulate new collagen – being that the scars are essentially dead cells we would need to rejuvenate the deep dermis to produce collagen & elastin to build a healthy skin from within. Treatment approaches in this regard will vary but you can expect treatments to include non-ablative laser, skin needling & advanced treatment protocols from VelaShape III. All of these options will provide collagen induction to a level that best suites your skin needs.

Eradicate the wrinkle – in many cases the acne scar treatment will take time. The breaking of scar tissue followed by new collagen production will require a few months of patience. To assist & aid in the results Dr Marks & Dr Clark always recommend skin rejuvenation techniques using hyaluronic acid (HA) to add hydration & increase skin thickness.

Either individual deeper scars can be injected with HA to plump them from the inside out, or alternatively one can opt for the Teosyal RHA1 treatment for a full face rejuvenation. This treatment will not only immediately minimise the visibility of acne scars but it will also provide a year’s worth of hydration to halt skin degradation in its tracks. Both Dr Clark & Dr Marks have seen incredible results in both men & women using this treatment approach.

Acne scarring is a priority for those who suffer from it. Many people believe that acne scar treatments have developed thanks to the improvement of skin rejuvenation techniques, but it is in fact the other way round. If it were not for the aesthetic medical industry forging new treatments for acne scars we would not be so successful in our skin rejuvenation efforts.

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