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| March 1, 2016

The damaging effect sugar has on your visible skin age

It is always about the waistline! The saying goes, “a moment in the lips, lifetime in the hips” – an increased sugar intake can have a negative effect on your body shape. Still our sweet tooth often wins over reason and we tuck in to unhealthy quantities of refined sugar in our diet… How would that change if we told you that sugar will not only help you gain weight, but also lead to dull & wrinkled skin?

Glycation is a real problem

Blame falls directly on the natural process called Glycation. Sugar in your bloodstream bonds to proteins and together they form harmful new molecules called “Advanced Glycation End Products or rather horribly, AGE’s! It is a simple equation, the more sugar you ingest the more AGE’s you create, and the spiral begins.

To compound the problem further, collagen and elastin are the most vulnerable proteins to AGE’s formation. If you lose these fibres that are in effect the very reason for your youthful, elastic & firm skin, you accelerate visible ageing.

SAI Did You Know:

Collagen is the most prevalent protein in the body!

Going further than Skin Deep

You may think that simply damaging you collagen is bad enough? It gets worse! A sugary diet will also alter the very make-up of the collagen in your skin.

There are three types of collagen: type I, II and III. Type III is the most elastic, longest lasting and the type of collagen we continually try to stimulate during treatments simply due to the magnificent effect it has on your skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Glycation degrades Type III collagen, into Type I collagen which is the most fragile and brittle. Not only do you damage the protein but you immediately affect the long term elasticity of your skin. Lastly, this very breakdown in your skin also leaves you more vulnerable to the damaging effects of the sun.

Surely now you must be thinking about quitting sugar altogether?

Reverse the effects of Glycation in the skin

The first step is to reduce, if not avoid altogether, the intake of sugar in your diet. The obvious sugars are easy, but be aware of hidden sugars in your diet i.e. fructose, corn syrup, fruit juice concentrate etc.

Then the next step is to visit either Dr Clark or Dr Marks at SAI for a full spectrum collagen treatment regime.

Depending on your skin type, quality and lifestyle factors; Dr Clark or Dr Marks may combine skin hydration treatments including Skin Boosters with a Retinoid treatments. These can take on many treatment shapes, so it is best to discuss your desired aesthetic goals and treatment availability during the initial consultation.

In some cases the reversal Glycation treatment ends there, but most patients move then to treat the existing & visible wrinkle worries caused by the damaging effects that Glycation has had over the past few years.

The doctors will discuss your options with you but the more popular include:

  • Dermal fillers for skin elasticity & wrinkles
  • Vampire facial for collagen induction
  • Botulinum Toxin to treat problem wrinkles
  • Chemical Peels to make new unblemished skin visible & create a glowing complexion
  • Mesotherapy for increased skin health

If you are concerned about the levels of Glycation in your visible age, the time to start is now. This is superb food for thought right before the Easter Holidays where chocolate is plentiful. Let Dr Clark & Dr Marks use their years of experience to reverse the signs of Glycation in your skin, turn back the hands of time and have you looking 15 years younger in no time. Make your appointment with Dr Clark or Dr Marks at SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof on 012 460 7047 today.


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