50 is the new 40

| March 31, 2017

Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder but it is also enjoyable to have affection for one’s own aesthetics.

Now is the best time to be alive if you are over 50 & looking to revitalise. More & more products & treatments are specifically designed to reverse visible ageing in mature skin. The lotions & potions of today are backed by science rather than just marketing; distinguished results are now achievable.

The world past 50 is your oyster & here are some very specific treatments to regain lost youth & combat hormonal & chronological changes that may cause distress. We know that menopause reduces estrogen in the skin and this knock-on-effect manifests in thin skin, sagging volume & increased wrinkles. No need. The answers are here to aid your aesthetics to match your prowess.

Treating Menopause

The single most dramatic effect that menopause has on your skin is loss of volume. You will see this in your face, cheeks, neck & jowl area. With the sagging you will notice more small wrinkles around your eyes & mouth.

Turning back the clock in ‘the volume loss’ space used to require surgery but today we have effective minimally-invasive treatment options available.

Treatment options could include or be a combination of:

  • Teosyal Ultra Deep – the use of HA dermal fillers designed for deep tissue volumising will help replace lost volume in the cheeks, chin or even in the hands. Volume loss creates deep hollows around the eyes, a more pronounced jowl & fine lines. A simple & single treatment with Teosyal Ultra Deep will correct many of these conditions for a minimum of 12-months.
  • Thread Lifts – we often use thread lift techniques in combination with dermal fillers to complete a natural facelift-like result but new techniques now allow us to also correct jowls, the temple area and even the neckline.
  • Skin Rejuvenation – if you have been good to your skin and you still posses some volume into your 50’s, then sometimes a simple skin rejuvenation protocol is all that is needed for a revitalized aesthetic. These protocols could be anything from HA dermal fillers to chemical peels or dermapen. This is simply to reintroduce elasticity & thickness to your skin, which is very much associated with youth. This offers an incredibly natural result.

Combat Dryness

As we age we lose more & more natural hyaluronic acid (HA) in our skin – this is a completely natural occurrence due to chronological ageing & genetics. The problem arises in that, the function of HA in the skin is to maintain moisture levels, without it our skin tends to dry out more readily leading to hastened skin-ageing. If we combat skin dryness then we ultimately slow chronological ageing in its tracks.

To tackle Skin Dehydration we have options available to us:

  • Cleanser’s & Homecare – the correct use of a daily cleanser will protect your skin barrier & this will allow for more easily managed moisture control. Combined with an active daily moisturiser you will supplement the moisture loss in your skin & provide your skin cells with enough hydration to function optimally.
  • Teosyal RHA1 – skin rejuvenation using micro droplets of HA, as with Teosyal RHA1 offers the client a treatment whereby we reintroduce lost HA throughout the skin to recreate the previously lost hydration homeostasis within the skin. The results are immediately visible as a fresh, elastic & plump skin. This treatment works fantastically well on the face, hands & décolletage – the results are magnificently natural.

Age & Sun Spots

If a single skin age indicator stands out, sun spots & age spots certainly give the game away. These spots are caused by natural ageing & are a reflection of how your skin was treated in your youth.

There are simply no easy routes to dodge these blemishes, but they can be treated & minimized:

  • IV Skin Brightening is a new treatment protocol whereby we introduce skin-brightening vitamins via a drip not unlike in the hospital. The treatment is not only incredibly skin hydrating but the SAI formulation will help minimise patches of visible pigmentation softening sun & age spots.
  • Crystal Tomato Daily Supplement – these supplements are available online in the SAI store. As a daily supplement they not only inhibit the production of melanin, effectively halting the skins ability to produce each sun or age spot, but they also reduce existing visible spots.
  • Specific Serums reduce pigmentation problems and will offer assistance with targeting specific sun & age spots that cause you concern. Serums have high concentrations of active ingredients that are designed to be absorbed quickly & work potently. You may wish to speak to a therapist to assist your selection regarding the best serum for your skin, or you could take our SAI online assessment.

Make an Appointment

With so much choice the question is not whether to undergo a treatment but which would work best for your skin, your personal preferences & your budget. We at SAI are here to talk you through every single option. Simply call SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 to book your appointment or simply to talk through your skin ideals.


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