45% of all laser treatments are for hair removal

| March 31, 2014

Spending your money wisely? What you should be asking your hair removal therapist.

laserA recent survey in the United States revealed that approximately 45% of all aesthetic laser treatments preformed in the United States were for laser hair removal. And that got us thinking about our services here at SAI.

With similar ratios it suggests that South Africans are closely following the international trends, which means laser hair removal would rank the 3rd highest on the most popular list.

Not all hair removal is create equal

If the stats are correct, and we believe they are it is imperative to understand that not all laser hair removal options provide the same results, in the same time. Patients, in todays fast past world, need long lasting results within a budget and the treatment cannot take you out of the office on numerous occasions or for much time.

What questions should you be asking your laser hair removal therapist?

At SAI we only stock the gold standard in laser technology and hair removal is no different. We believe our system will offer faster treatments, fewer treatments, longer lasting results and at an affordable price.

But what does this mean to the patient if you cannot compare? Here are a list of questions you should be asking your laser hair removal therapist and why?

  1. What laser light source are you using?
    This is important because different light sources either use single wavelength or multiple wavelengths to treat hair. Single sources can be extremely powerful, but treatments can be painful and the risk of burning is increased. At SAI we have opted for Optimised Pulsed Light (OPL), which is the advancement on the popular IPL machines.The light source needs to be accurate for faster treatments, powerful to eliminate the hair for good, and offer cooling to keep you comfortable throughout the treatment without risk of burning and scarring.
  2. What hair colour can be treated?
    Lower end laser hair treatments platforms can only treat darker hair. This is because older generation platforms treat the follicle and not the shaft of the hair. Treating the follicle means there needs to be pigment in the base to absorb the heat, which in turn means only dark hair can be treated.At SAI we treat the hair shaft and can treat any and all types of hair and hair colour. If your hair therapist cannot treat all hair colours then perhaps they are using a older generation laser platform.
  3. How long does a single treatment take?
    Latest technology treatment platforms offer more accurate results faster. This means that the pulse of laser recharges quickly and offers predictable and regular pulse wavelengths. In this case an entire leg should take approximately 45 minutes to treat, bikini and under arm can be finished within 10 minutes.Less impressive platforms take longer and pulse duration and the time between pulses is longer. This is important considering how long one needs to take out of the office.
  4. How many treatment sessions are required?
    This is a tricky question because the answer largely depends on the patient. That said latest technology platforms offer more precise and accurate treatments to ensure that all hair in the growth cycle is treated. Meaning fewer treatments are required.This in turn means less time out of the office, and also a lower overall treatment cost. If your current hair removal platform is taking an age and costing an arm and a leg, then perhaps they are not upgrading to the newer technology.

If you would like to find out more about laser hair removal or have these questions answered by the SAI therapist team, simply book your appointment today by calling 011 883 3116.

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