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| January 31, 2017

Anti-Aging from all angles

At SAI both Dr Clark & Dr Marks are often asked, what is the ideal way to combat visible aging? The truth of the matter is that there is no correct or ideal way as a broad brush stroke answer – each individual presents with unique skin & specific treatment requirements, not to mention personal aesthetic goals & areas of concern.

There is, however, a philosophy of treatment protocols that does allow the team at SAI to recommend a skin strategy. This strategy would consist of working with the body’s healing cascade & advanced aesthetic medicine to create natural results & youthful symmetry from a 3D perspective.

What does 3D Youth mean?

As we age our skin begins to lose elasticity, thins and sags with lines & wrinkles becoming symptomatic. We identify these visual cues as signs of ageing. Should we only treat individual areas of skin-aging we neglect other areas contributing to visible age and it is these overlooked areas that betray the aesthetic treatments that have been done in isolation.

SAI’s approach is hoalistic to create natural-looking beauty. Dr Clark or Dr Marks treats each client in a step-by-step type protocol in that they will treat each & every aspect of visible age specific to you & ultimately return your skin to that of a healthy youth whilst creating 3D symmetry & volume too.

This then means an anti-aging solution from all angles.

Here is an example:

You might be concerned with developing jowls & a loss of volume in your cheeks.

Most people would suggest a facelift in this case, but a few steps over the course a few months in a treatment protocol could correct your issue with almost zero downtime & at a fraction of the cost of a facelift.

The protocols would look something like this:

  1. You would undergo a skin assessment whereby Dr Marks or Dr Clark would assess your grievances, establish the quality of your skin & identify any underlying factors that could be hindrances to anti-ageing results i.e it might just be that 3 factors are combining to create a single problem area, all of which need to be addressed or that 3 components need to be addressed such that an aesthetic effect is created to be natural-looking and subtle.
  2. In many instances you would undergo a skin rejuvenation treatment, which could either be an Hyaluronic Acid based treatment as with Teosyal RHA1 or using chemical peels to laser. This would treat many of your fine lines whilst rejuvenating your skin using the healing cascade to reinvigorate your skin. Now even with jowls & sagging skin still present you will have a more youthful appearance to your skin & an improved complexion.
  3. During the assessment, Dr Clark or Dr Marks may suggest a treatment using Botulinum Toxin or Dermal Fillers to create symmetry in the lips or to create a youthful brow shape, which would ultimately complement your final result. Although it may appear these treatments are unnecessary, without them your visible age will still be noticeable regardless of the state of your jowls.
  4. To treat the jowl & cheek area, the most apt treatment protocol would be to use a combination of procedures to create volume, lift & symmetry. VelaShape III is a laser treatment that is FDA proven to provide skin lift with zero downtime, and combined with Thread Lifting techniques will result in facelift like results without significant cost or downtime. It is only on step 4 that you directly treat your initial concern, but in this case your treatment time & cost for this step is significantly reduced simply due to a healthy platform of youthful skin which was achieved through steps 1-3.
  5. Finally to balance the enhancements it might be recommended that you return a few weeks later undergo a dermal filler treatment to add additional volume to the cheek area. We wait for the final Thread Lift & VelaShape III combination treatment result to minimize the quantity of dermal filler required to achieve the final result.

As a bonus to the 5-step approach above each individual treatment will positively influence your visible age, but once the process is complete you will appear as you did in your youth with flawless skin, perfect symmetry & 3D anti-aging results.

As mentioned previously, this is simply an example & your treatment protocols may vary slightly but by understanding & taking this approach you not only solve multiple skin problems while correcting a personal concern, you also achieve a natural result that is not blatant as an isolated element would be.

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