3 x Treatments to Hydrate the Skin

| August 29, 2019

A necessary requirement for optimum Cellular Function

Hydration is a key element of skin health.

Well moisturised skin is healthy and beautiful skin. Correct skin hydration allows the dermal structure to be stronger. Stronger structures allow skin to retain its youthful resilience better and thus withstand environmental stressors. This translates into less visible ageing, which is something we can all smile about!

Anti-Ageing Skin Hydration Treatment Options

Aesthetic treatments are designed to target specific anti-ageing outcomes.

These three treatments work to deliver moisture beyond the surface and into the underlying layers of skin.

Achieving optimal moisture levels equates with delivering a host of additional anti-ageing benefits. Increased moisture levels combat fine lines and wrinkles to restore a healthy rejuvenated glow that is easy to love! Therefore, treatments that result in hydrated skin should be considered as an active part of any long-term anti-ageing plan.

  1. Glutathione IV Drips:

Glutathione is an essential amino acid. It is a powerful antioxidant that seeks and destroys free radicals that cause cellular damage i.e. ageing. Glutathione IV Drip treatment is a simple, quick and painless procedure that delivers direct Glutathione supplementation.

This treatment brightens and lightens the skin. It smooths uneven pigmentation and thus can combat hyper-pigmentation or melasma skin concerns. Glutathione IV treatments increase hydration on a deep cellular level and enhances biological functioning via a vitamin cocktail – so you not only look your best but feel it too.

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  1. Dermapen & HA Mask:

Dermapen treatments stimulate collagen production via the Healing Cascade and renews the skin’s internal foundations for strength and health. This improves the skin’s surface by boosting skin elasticity. A Dermapen treatment paired with an HA Mask allows for intense hydration to be assimilated deep within the skin. The astounding moisture retaining properties of HA can be harnessed to combat ageing and create a naturally smoothed and rested appearance. Treatment is possible over lunch and as no downtime is required, no calender-clearing is necessary!

  1. Skin Boosters:

Bolster Skin Hydration with Skin Boosters! Ensure that wrinkles and fine lines are minimised / eliminated and facial contours can be made symmetrical &/ enhanced. This eliminates saggy or droopy skin that looks tired and loose. Skin Booster treatments can be completed in less than thirty minutes with outstanding results; they are an excellent treatment choice to hydrate effectively and promote optimised cellular function for the creation and maintenance of long-term aesthetic goals.

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Our aesthetic dermatology experts work alongside the critically acclaimed Dr. Alastair Clark to evaluate, recommend and perform non-surgical aesthetic procedures that assist in delivering your anti-ageing goals and desires.

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