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Wrinkle Correction



Is there any wrinkle or line on your face causing you distress or making you feel old? Then Book an appointment with the team at SAI to have a treatment. Depending on your skin type and expected result the team will be able to offer you a solution from numerous treatments including:


No reason to feel old - we have numerous treatment options available!

Each wrinkle on the face has various techniques to treat it effectively. This means that you can get the specific treatment to solve your problem and allow you to walk past the mirror with confidence*. It is definitely worth visiting Dr Clark to let his eye and trained hand assist to solve your problem.


If you are concerned with a specific wrinkle or would like the various treatment options explained to you then Book an appointment now.


* Results and potential risks of our treatments do vary from person to person. We do NOT guarantee results or that results may be achievable. Dr Clark will discuss your expectations and outcomes during your consultation.