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Rosacea is described as a facial redness and is sometimes accompanied by pimples similar to Acne. The redness is caused by dilated blood vessels close to the skin surface and left untreated early symptoms of Rosacea develop into small red bumps and pimples.

SAI have advanced medical technology devices to treat Rosacea and facial redness.

Most people do not know that Rosacea can be treated. Technological and medical advancements have been made in this area. Our preferred treatment option for Rosacea is:


If you are suffering from Rosacea or you are uncertain if you even have Rosacea, Book an appointment with the team at SAI and let them diagnose and treat your specific indications* like the experts they are.


* Results and potential risks of our treatments do vary from person to person. We do NOT guarantee results or that results may be achievable. Dr Clark will discuss your expectations and outcomes during your consultation.