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Proellixe Vibration has been studied over the past 40 years and results show an increase in bone density and muscle tone for patients undergoing regular treatment. As a result of the treatment plan a positive side effect of improved circulation was noticed.

Increase your bone density and muscle tone. Improve circulation and blood flow.

Due to the contraction and relaxation of the muscles over the entire body, you not only tone but improve blood flow*. In a nutshell, Proellixe can assist you to improve not only circulation but other ailments too.


If circulation treatment is what you are after, then Book an appointment now with the team at SAI and let them find you space on the Proellixe Vibration machine.


* Results and potential risks of our treatments do vary from person to person. We do NOT guarantee results or that results may be achievable. Dr Clark will discuss your expectations and outcomes during your consultation.