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Taking the lead in medical aesthetics - This is a bold statement! If you are only interested in internationally trained and locally respected doctors and therapists; and the latest advancements in Aesthetic Medicine then visit Sandton Aesthetics Institute and see why we feel we can make it.


Holistic approach - Led by the internationally acclaimed Dr Alastair Clark, the team at SAI are trained to establish an individualised treatment protocol for you. This means you are treated as an individual and your trouble areas are treated with not only the latest techniques but the most appropriate products too.

Aesthetic Treatments - SAI has a number of treatment options to suit your needs and each member of the team will work together in their sphere of expertise to achieve your goals. At SAI we do not want anyone other than an expert working with you toward your ultimate aesthetic result.

Preventative Aesthetics


Instead of ageing gracefully, how about looking younger?


Prevention is better than cure and at SAI we know with early wrinkle correction and advancements in preventative techniques we can assist you to achieve a youthful appearance.


Various treatment options are available in the sphere of preventative aesthetics:



Other popular treatments

Of course there are many personal trouble areas that can be treated.


Visit the team at SAI if you are concerned with any of the following:


Renewal Aesthetics


If we told you that we could improve your appearance without surgery, would you listen?


We actively utilise our VisiaScan – a skin mapping system – to make decisions on treatment protocols. This gives you confidence in our treatment recommendations and lets you track your progress towards your goals.


Many factors influence your treatment options:


Treatment options are numerous but include:


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